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History[edit] Every new Ava king from the early twenties to the fourteen eighties had to destroy rebellion. 1469 Mingyi Swa (r. 1446-1482), the longtime sovereign of Prome, revolted against his older sister, Thihathura, who rose to the seat of Ava. and Mingyi Swa surrendered to his younger sister.

The Mingyi Swa was awarded and returned to his former post. Tihathura passed away in 1480, Mingyi Swa in 1482. Minkhaung II, the new Emperor, stood before a variety of rebellious forces, the most serious of which was his younger sister, Reg. Minye Kyawswa of Jamethin. Contrary to the common riots in isolated areas, the Jamethin revolt was so near to itself and a serious menace to the new King.

Tharrawaddy' s commander, Thado Minsaw, took full advantages of the battle for supremacy between his two cousins, grabbed Prome and proclaimed himself emperor. Minsaw Thado lifted the head Queen of his Mingyi Swa brothers to his head Queens. But Minkhaung succeeded in sending an Army to fetch Prome back. However, the Avan forces could not take Prome and withdrew.

The Prome became an independant realm with areas as far as Tharrawaddy and Myede. The Thado Minsaw largely kept away from the fights in Upper Burma. Minsaw Thado altered his policies in the 1520s, when Ava was on the home straight and suffered from the ongoing attacks of the Shan League. March 1525 the united army of Bund and Prome dismissed the town Ava.

Ava' s majesty, Shwenankyawshin, who was the great-nephew of Thado Minsaw, got away. The Prome and Confederate troops plundered the town. Prome troops returned the famous poet-monk Shin Maha Rattathara. Prome stayed in touch with the Bund, who resumed their attack on Ava. In 1526 Thado Minsaw passed away and was replaced by his boy Bayin Htwe.

Narcapati remains a nominally confederate Ava' s minion. Even though his power did not go beyond the immediate Prome area, he was captured in the Toungoo-Hanthawaddy War (1534-41). Narcapati was an allies of King Takayutpi of Hantawaddy and was wed to Takayutpi's sister. Narcapati was an allies of King Takayutpi of Hantawaddy and was wed to Takayutpi's sister. Narcapati was an American. In 1539 Narcapati offered protection to the escaping Hawawaddy-forces.

But when Toungoo forces were attacking a strongly entrenched program, Sarapati asked the covenant in Ava for help. Federal forces breached the besiege and resisted the withdrawal of the Tungoo Forces. Sarapati entered into an ally with the kingdom of Arakan of Mrauk U by dispatching his brother and daughter (Takayutpi's sister) to King Min Bin of Mrauk U. (Takayutpi had passed away shortly after the battle.) Sarapati also passed away shortly thereafter and was replaced by Minkhaung.

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