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It depends on the experience of the programmers you get. This competition, organized by the University of Computer Studies, Yangon, represents the geographical area of Myanmar. Hyphenation tool for Myanmar language (Burmese) by Ye. It is a prototype programmer for multiple chips including microchip PIC/microcontroller. The Hadoop is a free Java-based programming framework.

How much is the salary for a Myanmar software engineer?

Depending on the programmer's expertise you get. Large corporations like Ooredoo & Telenor are paying more than $1000, those returning from abroad receive up to $3000. Are these answers still up to date? When I have to put the skills I have gained at school into practice, the response is "it depends".

I' ve got some recent graduate programmer getting payed $80/month to boys getting payed milles of bucks a month. It' s a great way to get a job. However, the vast majority of developers seem to be paying from 300-800/month. I' m glad to be able to refresh this response if someone can point out some tough dates to me.

Myanmar / Burma | EU Joint Programming

Development partners in Myanmar began a common assessment at the end of 2012. They have since approved the Transitional Common Strategy for Myanmar 2014-2016, which includes a detailed interim sectoral breakdown of work and preliminary allocation of funds. This forthcoming Common Strategy will aim at synchronising and improving the distribution of tasks and reducing the number of existing bi-lateral projects that overlap with the Common Strategy.

  • A closed meeting on Joint Programming was organised between all EU development cooperation parties to allocate the workforce between the priorities and the different parts of the joint strategy (redistribution of the preparation); - introduction by the public administrations of a new national development plan in 2017; challenges: - The number of priorities needs to be limited further; - All programming rounds are not yet synchronized with the governance rounds; the joint programming partner countries in Myanmar are the Czech Republic, Denmark, the EU delegation, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

For the work-sharing agreement following an outside advisory mission, the EU FPs now work four different areas on which they are active, and the EU FPs in each area have an annual number of six. In March 2016 Htin Kyaw was inaugurated as the country's current chairman, introducing the first democratic administration in many years.

Mr Kyaw will be the first Myanmar citizen who will be commemorated in the past as the first Myanmar citizen and the first leader to be freely and fairly electioneered. It will retain significant powers in the administration and parliaments. Like the Transitional Joint Strategy 2014-2016, the Joint Strategy will promote commitment in the areas of civic affairs, environmental, gender und respect for people.

To administer development partners and support in a way that brings together the governments, donor agencies and other actors, the new Development Support Coordination Unit has been inaugurated.

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