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White Lady of Rohan, Schieldmaiden of Rohan, Lady of the Shield-arm, Éowyn was a shieldmaid of Rohan, Éomund's and Theodwyn' daughters, younger sisters of Éomer and nephew of King Théoden. When the Ring War ended, she got remarried to Faramir and had a boy with him, Elboron. Eowyn was Éomund and Theodwyn's secondborn.

She was, like her sibling Éomer, related to King Théoden through her mum, the king's sibling. Théoden then took Éomer and Éowyn into his home and brought them up as his underlings. Éowyn was compelled to remain in Meduseld during the Ring War and to look after her decreasing uncles for several years, as he was debilitated by the influences of Saruman and Gríma Wormtongue.

As Gandalf recovered the king, he was preparing to protect Rohan against Isengard. Éowyn, who, although a lady, was "fearless" and "everyone loves her", was suggested by Hasma. Aragorn, Théoden and the remainder of Saruman's men were faced with the battle of the Hornburg, and Éowyn grudgingly complied with the king's order to remain in Edoras.

Merry said in his last words to Théoden, who did not know she was near, that she was "dearer to him than her daughters". Under Éowyn's urging, Merry was made a knight of Riddermark. At Théoden' s burial and Éomer's crowning as King of Rohan, Éowyn presented Merry with a farewell gift: the Rohan Bugle, a small silvery bugle from the treasure of Scatha, the Kite.

Fareamir and Éowyn moved to Ithilien, where they had at least one boy (probably Elboron), and their grandchild was Barahir, who lived the story of Aragorn and Arwen in the 4th century. The Anglo-Saxon word Éowyn means "horse lover" (the tongue in which Tolkien used to portray Rohirric). Éowyn's name was " Lady of Rohan " and was also called "The White Lady of Rohan" because of her bright skin tone.

3 ] After her wedding to Faramir, she was named the Wife of Ithilien (as opposed to Faramir, who was referred to as Prince of Ithilien) and the Wife of Emyn Arnen. Eowyn and Merry also take advantage of a hole in Glorfindel's prediction, as she was a wife and Merry was a mobbit. Eowyn appears in the 1978 animation The Lord of the Rings, which includes The Fellowship of the Ring and the first half of The Two Towers (ending with the indictment of Rohirrim from Helm's Deep), but has no voiceovers.

Éowyn was expressed by Nellie Bellflower in the 1980 animation The Return of the Emperor. Since the movie was shot in an isolated way (without supporting editions of The Fellowship of the Ring or The Two Towers) and the story of the movie is compressed in a hurry, Éowyn only appears in the movie at the culminating instant on Pelennor Fields, when she discloses her personality to the Witch Prince and attacked him.

Peter Jackson's movie editions of The Two Towers and The Return of the King feature the role of the Aussie actor Miranda Otto. When Wormtongue comes near her over Theodred's death bed and tries to gain her affections, but she rejects him; Éowyn follows Theod while he takes Edoras' men to Helm's Deep; when the pillar is assaulted by warg knights, she asks her to struggle, but Theod orders her to guide the men to the fort.

And Éowyn is watching over the wives and kids who hide in Aglarond while the battles rage outside; Éowyn hugs Aragorn after the battles, eager to see him live. As Edoras is being evicted, Aragorn observes the riders trying to hold Brego back and Éowyn "introduces" them to each other. As Aragorn and the other men prepare to protect Helm's Deep, Éowyn protest that she should be waiting in the caverns instead of fighting on the wall; when Aragorn tries to console her, she blurs the fact that the others who "love" him may be fighting at his side (this recreates the dialog from The Return of the King when she asks him to let her and the Grey Company go on the paths of the dead).

Éowyn has a brief video footage of a Uruk-hai entering the caverns under Helm's Deep, but neither of the two versions of the final movie contains a saber. Éowyn's wounds after the Witch King's fight are less serious in The Return of the Kings cinema than in the novel; her arms are fractured, but she retains awareness after the Witch Kings death and next on Aragorn' s crowning in Minas Tirith, side by side with Faramir.

At Dunharrow, after blaming Éomer for making a joke about Merry's wish to take part in the fights, he teaches her that the men should be the ones to take part in the fight;

But Merry advises her not to want too much for dead as she has so much to do; After the fall of Mumak, who beheads the horses Éowyn and Merry, they both struggle on feet to protect Theodes from several invading Orcs and Haradrim.

Elyn and Gothmog fight a personal duel and inflict a paralyzing bone wounds. When the Witch Kings death, Éowyn is crawling around in search of Merry, but is seen by an angry Gothmog crawling after her, but getting slain by Aragorn and Gimli before he can get to her; Éomer finds her on the field of combat, knocked out and apparently death, and mourns, but she rests in the houses of healing and sees Faramir for the first Éomer; When the army of the West walks out of Minas Tirith, Éowyn and Faramir see her walking, and he consoles her.

Olive Gregg plays the role of Éowyn in the BBC3 television programme The Lord of the Rings (1956). Karen Hurley plays the role of Éowyn in The Lord of the Rings (1979). Elin Jenkins plays the role of Éowyn in The Lord of the Rings (1981) on BBC4.

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