Prices in Myanmar

Myanmar Prices

Burma is becoming very expensive, especially for airplanes, hotels and transportation. Buyers in Japan shy away from the high prices of Myanmar coffee. Lesson, level, date, location, price. Includes: MYANMAR stock price (MIL), chart, current trades, company information, trade information, company news, fundamental data. Rising exports, fuelled by the strong dollar, are the reason for the rise in fish prices in Myanmar, according to a Myanmar Fisheries Federation official.

Prices, travelling and overnight expenses 2018

Mean prices in Myanmar for transport, taxis, food, wages, foods, hotels and rent. You can buy a glass of good quality wines at a local grocery store in any town: Myanmar: - What are the prices in the shops in Myanmar? - How much does a low-cost dinner in Myanmar cost?

  • You can dine for 1,50 EUR (1,80 USD) in a low priced Myanmar restaut. - What does a Myanmar eatery usually charge? - Meals in a reasonably priced eatery are 1.70 EUR (2.00 USD) and a local brew 0.94 EUR (1.10 USD).
  • How much does a lunch at a fast-food Myanmar bars for? - A McMeal or similar lunch is about 4.30 EUR (5.00 USD). - What is the typical rate for dining at a Myanmar diner? - The rate for a 2-person supper in a middle-class dining room is usually:
  • How much does supper in one of Myanmar's most crowded places costs? - What is the reasonable rate for a meal in an ordinary Myanmar meal? - In our view, the reasonable rate for a meal is 2.20 EUR (2.60 USD) - 2.60 EUR (3.00 USD).
  • I' m going to Myanmar. I' m looking for a budget downtown motel. How much do I have to pay? - A proper and inexpensive Myanmar resort is 21 EUR (25 USD). - What does a week-end in Myanmar for? - Three-day accommodation in a 2-star Myanmar resort is 84 EUR (98 USD).
  • How much does a Myanmar resort for? - Comfortable and not too costly 3-star Myanmarhotels: the price: - How do I find the lowest priced hotels in Myanmar? - Rate for one overnight stay in a shared room from: 8,50 EUR (9,90 USD). Find cheap comparisons for Youth Hostels in Myanmar here:
  • I' m going to Myanmar. What is the fare for a one-way trip? - A one-way trip in Myanmar is 0.17 EUR (0.20 USD), you can also buy a month card for 5.10 EUR (6.00 USD). - What is the mean value of Myanmar's transit?
  • Myanmar's transport costs on general terms are: one way:

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