The Prestat Ltd. is one of London's oldest chocolate shops. bcp-file="mw-headline" id="History">Geschichte[edit]>> The Dufour dynasty invented the truffles in Chambéry[3] in December 1895, but it was not until the first Prestat store opened on South Molton Street in the centre of London that the truffles came to England.

For unknown reason Antoine Dufour renamed his firm Prestat after Pierre Prestat, his wife's first cousin[2] and some of the previous packages bear the name P. Prestat. Antone Dufour opened two more stores, one at 405 Oxford Street and another at 28 St Swithin's Lane in the City of London.

Antone Dufour handed the company over to his own Tony Dufour, who ran Prestat until the 1950'. Trade problems during World War II resulted in the closing of shops on Oxford Street and St. Swithin's Lane and Tony Dufour finally bought the company to the Neville and Maxwell Croft.

In 1975, the firm was awarded regal arrest orders as a supplier of pralines to Queen Elizabeth II and in 1999 to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory writer Roald Dahl made Prestat Truffle a key part of his spirited novel My Uncle Oswald. This intriguing seductress entices many wizards and kings of the twentieth centuries with a loving drink in Prestat Truffle.

Chocolate Prestat range in a large decorative tin 210 g

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