Present Prime Minister of Myanmar

Current Prime Minister of Myanmar

The Myanmar military chief Min Aung Hlaing (L) will meet with the Thai prime minister in August. Myanmar, who was present at this summit. Ministers were also present at that occasion in the office of Prime Minister. Sputnik said Deputy Spokesman of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Mr Shwe is said to have told Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi at ASEAN.

Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi: Prime Minister-like position | Myanmar News

Myanmar's parliament has adopted a motion to establish a new stance for Myanmar's female politician Aung San Aung Sanu Kyi as "state advisor", who will give her a strong part in leading the state. Aung San Suu Kyi, who was under detention for years for her commitment to democratisation, led the NLD to a landslide victory in November's elections.

Because of a constituent bloc, she was not able to become chairman because her two children are UK nationals, as was her deceased spouse. All about Myanmar - Will Suu Kyi take Myanmar behind the scene? Instead, Htin Kyaw, a trusted confidante of Myanmar's Nobel Peace Prize winner Suu Kyi, was appointed and inaugurated as the country's new President on Wednesday after more than five decades in power.

A NLD MP described her stance as "the president's chief," suggesting that Suu Kyi's political group helped her fulfill a promise that she repeated to stand above the presidential election. "ªPresident Htin Kyaw has the right to recommend the bill to nominate a "state advisor" to monitor the presidential and all cabinet members," said Khin Maung Myint, a NLD MP in the top chamber, before the ballot.

"An overwhelming part of the top chamber supported the establishment of the post that gave it far-reaching authority. "It will not only consult the Cabinet and Congress, but also the judicial system. It is above all the party in parliamen. Seems their power's over the presidency. "She' s supposed to step down from the other positions to concentrate on her new position."

Burma has been under either political or naval domination since a 1962 putsch, and the November election that put the new administration in office was the first frankly controversial election since 1990. Hisin Kyaw succeeded former General Thein Sein, who has headed the state since 2011. During Thein Sein's reign, the regime initiated reform that opened the once insulated land to the outside environment, even to external investments.

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