Present Political Condition of Myanmar

Current political situation in Myanmar

Burma is releasing political prisoners before the change of power. In this chapter we focus on the political situation in Myanmar in the middle. In its efforts to change the political situation in Burma, the West is focusing on the application of sanctions. Awareness of the current and future economic conditions . Ever since the first version of Democratic Governance in Myanmar:

Actual Policy

Twenty years' first vote took place in Myanmar on 7 November 2010. Than Shwe led the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), the present governing Burmese armyjunta, conducted the elections[1]. In 1990, the same administration conducted an electoral process under a different name - the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC)[2].

The SLORC came to office in 1988 and conducted general election in 1990. Aung San Suu Kyi was placed under home detention where the National League of Democracy (NLD) obtained 80% of the popular assembly seats[3]. The SLORC declined to transfer authority to the reelected administration after the election on the pretext of awaiting a new constitution.

As the new treaty was drafted in 2008, we are now lagging behind with the promise of 20 years ago[1]. These were supervised by Australia, which should have called the election a flop if three requirements were not complied with. All three requirements had to be fulfilled before the election could take place.

The United States and Australia consider that these requirements have not been complied with. The NLD was boycotting the election because of its non-democratic character. Some other political factions that do not back the army regimes are deceiving the election. You believe that the only real cause for the election was to make the administration appear legitimately to the global arena, even though the United States, Europe and Australia still do so.

It is a move in the right direction towards bringing the Burmese nation democracy[5]. There may still be hopes to alter the way Burma is operating, according to Looking Ahead From Burma's November 7 Election by lex reiff. In its endeavours to remedy the political plight in Burma, the West is focusing on the application of penalties.

Burma's outlook is unclear, according to the report, but even after the 2010 election failed, there is still a prospect of recovery for the Burmese people[7]. However, this could give more confidence to the Burmese population, which was voting for them twenty years ago.

It must be careful because the administration could put it back under home detention but it still makes talks urging its citizens to have hopes and to work together through non-violent movement and protests to effect change[8]. In spite of the tough restrictions imposed by the Burmese press, there are still movement.

Atelier arts are also a part of this motion, often concealed in the works of artwork are mysterious embassies that defy the state. Younger generation are driving the move in the hopes of transformation. The arts bring a new plane of protests to a land where it is customary to be imprisoned for disagreements with the state.

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December 11, 2010.

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