Preferably used in a sentence. Sample sentences with the word preferable. preferable sample sentences. Like preferably the adverb form of the word "prefer", we can find its roots in the Latin preferre, which means "to set before". When you say that one thing is preferable to another, you mean that it is more desirable or more appropriate.

It is preferable to have a large earthquake in the distance rather than a smaller earthquake nearby.


It' worth favoring. The latter was just as reasonable, but wouldn't it be better if it came than the other? It will prove to be very tasty and better than any other kind. At any rate, the assurance must be better than the assurance of tension. Because the misfortune of youth is better than the retirement of old age.

It was Villaret who reminds him that we were the visitors of a German and that it was to be preferred to be calm. adj. 1640s, from or on models of the preférable, from prefér (see prefer). Preferred is better English, but has not established itself. Preferentially.

Preferred " example

As a rule, Agpgart is preferred (except in the cases mentioned above), therefore it is given preference in the system. Trench pipes for the mains drainage, if available, are to be preferred in any case. That is why I thought it would be better to give the consumer information that would enable them to be truly personal.

In other words, the constitutional state is contrary to the principle of inflexibility, even if inflexibility is to be preferred. Achieving results is better than using unrealistic ideas without a story. Accordingly, it is preferred to remove these metal from the carbonene. Because of the missing subways and the long distance, this is a better option than other itineraries.

It is not necessarily necessary to obtain official approval in written form, but this is to be preferred for reasons of clarification. It is possible and sometimes preferred to manually arrange textured maps, but it can be cumbersome. In spite of the popularity, it seems to be better to make their first trip in fifty small towns, which makes them believable.

It is better to talk about competences in issues of commercial and finance criminality. Competitiveness is preferred to a single market. A cab, which is not preferred by the disadvantaged, is the most immediate connection to the railway stations. For various reason, pipeline systems are preferred to road transport.

These effects in the delivery cycle can be reduced through eco-friendly procurement.

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