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Our experienced staff has a wide and outstanding track record in various areas of the oil and gas industry - deposit management and technology, production engineering, geological studies, petrophysical studies, drilling technology, drilling operations, well geology, management consultancy and surface technology.

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90 ratings from Ppz.com

The PPZ is great - if you are an A or B. For some reasons they are refusing to accept that some of us may have smaller tape formats AND bigger beakers. I' m a 32D, they don't have that height. For some unexplainable reasons they think if your cupsize is a C4 or D1, you MUST have a ribbon of at least 34..... because we don't come in very different forms or so....

It'?s good-looking. A very satisfied customer:) Thank you! Also, the client services always answer my question promptly! I'm in loving these underpants! This will strike out any of my favourite comfortable underwear! the bucket will seem sized right, but you may want to order the next one down for the ribbon.

Attractive value for money; foldable waistline is very comfy - not too shorts/long or loose/tight; legs perfectly - I am 5'9" - usually I am wearing a media, but ordered a large one that' s according to other ratings; the fabric is not transparent, but still thin enough for the exercise course. There was no need to give anything back, but the customer service has been good with upgrades and the like so far.

Not only was everything welcomed quicker than I thought, but much better than I thought! The prize is reasonable for the good qualitiy, I'm definitely back here to shop. I' m 3 couples and I fucking adore them! Because of the excellent production qualities I buy them at a good value. I have a smooth tummy after my mother hood and my fat pads, and I can use my clothes and coats without being self-confident.

Loving my new pair of Yogapants. ?? ?? ?? ?? ???????? ????? ?? ??????, ????????? ??? ??????. ? ?? ????? ??? ???? ???? ??? ????? ???? ????? ???? ?? ???? ?? ???? ????? ?? ???? ?????, ?? ???? ????? ?????. Volume only makes them sweeter. The GREAT Store, and my missus loves it..................

They are also very impressive in terms of client services! Reply: not sure, I email the customers support, they said they are already planing on it, the first live store will be in New Y. very soon, sol.........

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