Power Plant Project in Myanmar

Myanmar power plant project

Below is a list of power plants in Myanmar. Austria's thermal and hydropower projects support the financing of the expansion programmes for the hydropower and thermal power plants. The possible capacity of the gas power plant is being investigated.

Myanmar Business Today Power Plant

Operation of a coal-fired power plant in Pin Laung Township, Shan State, is being closely supervised to make sure it complies with the environment protection regulations, said the Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE) in reaction to site outrages. Hong Kong-based energy provider VPower has received two official orders to construct biogas power stations as part of its ongoing efforts to establish a steady power grid in Myanmar.

Burma will need much more domestic and international investments to achieve its objective of achieving global electricity supply over the next 15 years, the World Bank said. World Bank said it was not prepared to give funding for the building of coal-fired power stations in Myanmar. Anndin, a 1,280 MW coal-fired power plant project in the Ye township, Mon state, was abandoned following protest by neighbors.

MMID Utilities and Sembcorp Utilities have entered into an alliance with the Department of Electric Power (DEP) of the Ministry of Electric Power (MOEP) to construct and run a 225 megawatt natural-gas-fired power plant in Myingyan, Mandalay. The JFE Engineering Corporation said it has been awarded a contract for the first waste-to-energy plant in Myanmar.

It will be located in the Shwe Pyi Thar Industrial Zone in Yangon under the Myanmar-Japan Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM). The US energy supplier APR Energy plc said that its 102 MW project in Myanmar was prolonged until 2016, with similar funding conditions as in the original contract.

Black & Veatch, a Kansas-based infrastructural developer, has been commissioned by Green Earth Power (Thailand) to plan and advise on the construction of a 220-megawatt power plant in Myanmar. Sunlabob Renewable Energy Ltd., located in Laos, has been selected for the turn-key construction of 11 solar-powered microgrids in the states of Shan and Chin in Myanmar.

Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) will construct a small $16.2 million incinerator in collaboration with Japan, a senior civil servant said. Yangon's scheduled upgrade of two Yangon facilities can be completed between September and October, adding an extra 30 MW to the domestic network, Andrew Lee, General Electric's CEOCROC, said to Myanmar Business Today.

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