Postal Code of Myanmar Yangon

Postcode of Myanmar Yangon

Burma uses five-digit postcodes. Myanmar - Yangon - Yangon is a former capital of Myanmar and the capital of the Yangon region. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

When in Yangon, visit our headquarters to learn more about MSR and our service. I&C control center : Bldg Yangon Central Railway Station, Mingalartaungnyunt Township, MSR Office - 2: No. 6/8, Lane 2, Botahtaung Pagoda Street, Botahtaung Township, MSR Office - 3 "MahaBandoola Garden St, Kyauktada Township,

The Royal Express in Myanmar becomes truly global.

Myanmar's first national postage stamp, Royal Express, will be the first to internationalise when it opens a subsidiary in Thailand in July, followed by Singapore and Malaysia. Founded in 2002 in Botahtaung Township, Royal Express is mainly aimed at companies, as the state monopoly restricts services for private people.

The founder and CEO Min Min Min Min Oo worked for the Myanmar Times for two years when the opening of Royal Express was inspired. Since he saw the need for a more effective system of services than the well-known ly-reliable state post office, he chose to provide a response. There are currently 15 offices in Myanmar.

"We aim to open a new office every month," says the company's commercial development manager, Mr. Tin Kyaw Soe. In the coming years, Royal Express is aiming to extend its geographic cover and scope of operations. It supplies e.g. commercial correspondence, invitation cards, magazines and notices. Following the opening of the Thailand office, it will also provide logistical and warehousing support to companies, in particular to attract an enormous inflow of FDI to Myanmar, as the FDI flows continue to be encouraged by the state.

Royal Shop is one of Royal Express' most rapidly expanding ventures. As an ebook provider, Royal Shop has over 3,000 repeat clients and a significant number of fans of Facebook, said Mr. Tin Kyaw Soe. Opening Myanmar's harbours and port range represents a completely new border for Royal Express to grow its operations.

In the meantime, a number of similar mail delivery companies have been created as a result of the liberalisation of the markets. SBS Delivery, Magnate Group Logistics (MGL Express) et United Courier Service (UCL). In an increasingly tough environment of fierce global competitiveness, the top priorities are "to remain focused on providing customers with reliable and comfortable services," said Min Min Min Oo, CEO. Whilst the concentration on HR can make the business more productive, the absence of a domestic strategy cannot be tackled inhouse.

Burma does not yet have an organised, standardised postcode system or clear rules on imports and exports. "The present postcode is obsolete and not sufficiently specific," said Mr. Tin Kyaw Soe. "When you use the zip number from the web browser and track your way, you will surely get misplaced.

" Royal Express therefore depends on the personal expertise of every single deliverer. However, he hopes for the progress of the Myanmar Post, which has been working with Japan Post Co. since May 2015 to improve the situation. There is no doubt that the national post system will profit from the postcodes, as will cross-border logistic through formulating custom processes.

Myanmar's transit times for goods abroad are on averages of seven working day, but in Myanmar, Mr Tin Kyaw Soe said, the delay in transit is due to the delay in transit. Developing traffic in Myanmar will enhance the people' s lives and help a society like Royal Express. Royal Express Consultant Mr. Shanmuga Retnam described the country's economic expansion as "exponential" and hoped for a sound corporate expansion.

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