Postal Code of Myanmar Yangon

Postcode of Myanmar Yangon

The Dawbon Township is located in the southeastern part of Yangon, Myanmar. Such goods may only be delivered within the identified operational postal codes. Such goods may only be delivered within the identified operational postal codes. YANGON MYANMA FOREIGN TRADE BANK. Postcode / City, YANGON.

Electronic Visa - Which country? - Mujimar Forum

At the moment I am living in the UK and here is my fixed place of residence, but I am not a UK citizen and was reborn elsewhere. I' ve completed the fields "Nationality" and "Country of birth", but I stick to what I should do with the box "LAND" (a box between "Permanent address" and "Postcode").

This is my presumption of my place of residence and I should therefore indicate the United Kingdom. It is a clear reference to my home adress, but I do not want to give false information.

Programmes - Myanmar Maritime University

Subsequent qualifications and certificates are awarded by Myanmar Maritime University: Opened on August 1, 2002, more than 2500 scholars are now enrolled at Myanmar Maritime University. The Myanmar Maritime University provides the following qualifications and diploma with a length of study years. Undergraduates who have achieved at least 400 out of 600 points in the elementary school entrance exam can compete for a place and 20% of women and 80% of men are accepted each year.

Pupils must complete a physical and an eyesight test. A year of studies comprises two terms with a length of 17 week instruction/laboratory hours each, followed by 2-3 week self-study and exams, i.e. a total of about 20 week per year. After the first exam there is 2 week leave.

At the end of the year, the industrial training takes place for a certain period of time. Tutorial and work in the laboratories (if available) are taken into account together with the grades for both terms in the concluding assessment of a specific subjectm. To qualify for the exam, a presence of at least 75% in the class room and 100% in the test room is necessary.


On this page you will find information about the fast code "MFTBMMMYXXX" of "MYANMA FOREIGN TRADE BANK". This is a code from WIFT? Swifts are used to help identification banking and finance companies around the world. These are used by the fast internet to transfer funds (money transactions) and send and receive information between them.

In order to make a transaction safe and quick, it is always necessary to have quick access to a code for your credit transfer. At first, these passwords were implemented by the Swiss Exchange's organisation as "swift codes", later standardised by the ISO as "BIC" for "Business Identifier Codes". The majority of folks think B.I.C. means "Bank Identifier Codes" ("Bank" instead of "Business"), but this is wrong, because even non-financial institutes can join the high-speed net.

A" BIC code" can be replaced by many different identifiers, such as" Swifts code" (most common)," Swifts ID"," SWIFT-BIC"," SWIFTS address"," BEI" (comes from" Business Entity Identifier"), or even" 9362 ", which is the default file size that has been authorized by the internationalization. An abbreviation of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

Swifts are divided into segments, as are phone numbers, and each segment contains some information about the setup to which this code has been allocated. If an eight-digit code is used, it refers to the institution's central unit. This is how an 11-digit code is disaggregated and what each section of the signs is.

Let's take this 11-digit fictional fast code: You can break it down to these sections: The two-digit code stands for the jurisdiction of this organization and complies with international standards for the representation of countries code (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2). This is a place code (e.g. "FF" is the code for "Frankfurt", "KK" is the code for Copenhagen, etc.) and also the second sign (8. in B.I.C.) sometimes bears this information:

When it is "0", it is usually a test allocated value (as distinct from a test used in a real time network). When it is set to "1", it designates a subscriber in the SWIFT area. The last three digits are a" store code" that relates to the respective branches of the school.

When this section is omitted, we have an 8-digit shift code that refers to the institution's HEAD OFFICE. Another common nomenclature is that if we relate to the headquarters of an organization, this industry code is "XXX". A few quick and easy code searches:

Test our on-line SWIFT/BIC look-up utility to find one of the thousand SCIFT /BIC look-ups. We are focused on providing you with the most precise and up-to-date data base of banks around the globe. Alternatively, you can search for quick passwords by selecting the country name from the alphabetic index.

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