Portuguese Restaurants

Traditional Portuguese Restaurants

For the best Portuguese restaurants in London, see TripAdvisor travel reports from Portuguese restaurants in London. The best Portuguese restaurants in Johannesburg: View TripAdvisor travel reports from Portuguese restaurants in Johannesburg. In Newquay, welcome to the only Portuguese restaurant specializing in Chicken Piri Piri, fresh local fish and specialties. Mediterranean roots, Arabic and Moorish influences make Portuguese cuisine an uproar of different flavours.

Portugese Restaurant in London - Portuguese food.

The Grelha D'Ouro expects you with an memorable event. The Grelha D'Ouro is an wellestablished Portuguese eatery in London. This is an authentically Portuguese tradition in Vauxhall London. There is a wide selection of tasty dishes and specialities from Portuguese cuisine. Grélha D'Ouro has been in existence for over 8 years and is often referred to as the "best cuisine" in Vauxhall.

From Vauxhall station it is a 10 minute walk. From the Stockwell Station it is a 08 minute walk.

Algarve's best Portuguese restaurants

However, an adventure in any part of Portugal would not be perfect without some of the best restaurants in the southern part of Portugal. One of Albufeira's best gastronomic locations for Albufeira's Portuguese tradition, the O Marinheiro Restaurant Bar is enchanting and refined, in complement to the general Mediterranean style.

Venda is a favorite in Faro and even Lonely Planet has described it as the first selection for Portuguese food. From the interiors (including the tile floor) to the kitchen (with petishos, Portuguese starters ), the guest feels like in a real Portuguese dinning room.

The Restaurante Bóia Bar allows visitors to see the fishermen catch their catch directly from the ocean and enjoy their own delicious seafood on the patio. It is not situated in a touristic area, but in the picturesque and quiet western-Algarian fishermen's hamlet of Salema.

Meats are on the menus, but for those who want a special treat, try the famous pork casserole. There are often the best places for Portuguese food, and this is definitely the case at Ricky's Tasca in Faro. We are open for lunches and dinners and offer everything from small orders of petiscus to Algarvian food and delicacies from northern Portugal.

On the north-western edge of the Algarve is the city of Aljezur, where many historic towns are situated, among them Restaurante O Sargo. Situated on the shore, the critics like everything in this place, from the food (which includes local dishes and Portuguese dishes ) to the landscape and the lovely outdoors.

When it comes to shellfish and sea food, can an adventure be better than going to the "house of the fisherman"? This is exactly what Casa do Pescador means in English, but this is actually a Quarteira place. Taste the shellfish and sea food Arroz de Marisco or a mix of meats and sausages. Casa do Pescador is a relaxed place where anyone who wants a tasty Portuguese food is welcome, from the couple to the family.

The best solution for a real, genuine kitchen is to turn away from the well-trodden paths. Old one is situated in the interior of the country - about 21 km northern of Albufeira - and provides the best of Algarve and rural living in one bundle, completely with white-washed houses, historical infrastructures and jagged landscape. Restaurante A Ponte is a relaxed and cosy place where the emphasis is on eating; it is not the place where you can find unusual services, but it will make your tastes and your wallet soar.

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