Oportofino is an Italian fishing village and holiday resort known for its picturesque harbour and historical links with celebrities and art lovers. Oportofino is located on a peninsula in the Tigullio Gulf east of Genoa in the northern Italian region of Liguria. Discover the holidays in Portofino and discover the best times and places to visit. Wellcome to Portofino's Italian restaurant and pizzeria.

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Portofino was bought by Charles VI of France to the Republic of Florence in 1409, but when the latter was expelled from Genoa, the Florentines returned it. At the end of the nineteenth centuries, first English and then other Nordic noble tourist began to come to Portofino, which they arrived by car and on horseback from Santa Margherita Ligure.

The Portofino Bay at the Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, USA, which was opened in September 1999, will be rebuilt in its original size. In 2001 Portofino created a replica of the coastal city around the port of Tokyo DisneySea in Chiba, Japan. In 2008 Portofino was also shown for the TV show Top Gear (Episode 5, Serie 12).

In a Ferrari Daytona with James May, Richard Hammond drove a carbon-fibre motorboat from Portofino to St. Tropez in France. In 2013 Andrea Bocelli made a recording of a Portofino concerto which was published on DVD. In 2017 Ferrari called one of its new Portofino inspired Ferrari sport car models 2017 Ferrari 8. The Portofino Guide".

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Portofino travel guide: Italian Riviera Resort town city

Portofino, a fishermen' town on the Italian Riviera, is known as a place of the wealthy and well known. Situated on the banks of the harbour, this quaint, crescent-shaped coastal hamlet with igloo cottages offers businesses, cafés, luxurious accommodation and cafés. Besides the clear, lush water around Portofino, there is a great variety of sea creatures, a hilltop fort with views of the town.

Oportofino is located on a Tigullio Gulf peninsula just East of Genoa in the Ligurian province of Italy. A major spa city, Santa Margherita Ligure, and a small fishermen's hamlet, Camogli, are also close cities that are well-worth a visit. Frequently, Santa Margherita Ligure, Rapallo and Camogli offer ferry services to Portofino from early autumn to early autumn.

Nearest railway stops are Santa Margherita Ligure and Camogli. There is a stop for the Portofino coach in front of the Santa Margherita railway line. Oportofino is car-free, but you can take the small curvy street near the town, where there is a small private area. Portofino is usually very busy during the peak tourism seasons in summers, and it can be hard to park and ride.

The Eight Portofino Estate Management Team is a four-star seaside development. The Piccolo Forno is a cheaper four-star luxury property in a historic mansion. There are also other resorts in Santa Margherita Ligure, a good starting point for visits to Portofino and the Cinque Terre. Portofino's restaurant specialises in shellfish, as you might expect. Visitors can also sample some of the best regional produce and enjoy visits to Prato Mansion with its vineyards and caves, when enjoying Select Italy's tasting in picturesque Portofino.

Situated on a hillside above the town, it can be accessed via a road near the Botanical Garden. Portofino and the ocean are in the background of the palace. The interior contains furniture and Browns paintings as well as photographs of many of Portofino's illustrious guests. A number of good walking paths exist both along the coastline and along freshwater courses, many of which offer stunning vistas.

Much of the sea along the coastline from Santa Margherita to Camogli is a sanctuary and in some places it is prohibited to penetrate the area. The Abbazia di San Fruttuoso is located on the other side of the island, two hours away from Portofino on foot or by ferry.

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