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Receive the Port Douglas weather forecast. View our current live radar and weather forecasts for Port Douglas, AS to plan your day. Port-Douglas Wetter - regional meteorology A much-anticipated rainy season is currently working through dried out parts of QLD and NSW. One of the most powerful survivors of at least 12 years in the Pacific, Hurricane Lane has inflicted significant flood and wind disaster losses on the state of Hawaii.

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Quantity-Logravure Radar: The Cairns Radar is located approx. 9km NNW from Cairns International Airports at Saddle Mountain on the Kuranda Mountains at an altitude of 652m above MSL. Radar has good all-directional vision, but has some restrictions for the SSE, which looks over Mt. Bellenden Ker (1593m) and Mt. Bartle Frere (1622m) at about 40 and 60km respectively.

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The HONOLULU (AP) siren whined as workmen stacked sand bags of hotel and law enforcement to warn visitors to abandon the world-famous Waikiki beach, while Hurricane Lane took off to the far northern coast of Hawaii's mostly peasant Big Island after almost twoft. of rains were drained. Rescue teams saved five California tourist from a house they had rented in Hilo after a gorge near it was swamped and overrun.

The Hawaii district firemen, who were in touch it with the owners of the house, opted to evict the group before the waters continued rising. "It' s been quite an experiment because we didn't plan to have a storm during our holiday season," said Demerais. Whitehorricane Lane, which was still off the coast, whipped the Big Island with almost 50 centimetres of precipitation in about 24hrs.

He had a max. continuous wind speed of 120 km/h (193 km/h), which made him a Class 3 storm. Predictors say he will move near or over parts of Hawaii's major isles on Thursday or Friday, creating a hazardous 20 ft (6 meters) break. Some 200 leagues (320 kilometers) south of Hilo, on the most populous of the Oahu state's Oahu archipelago, Sheraton Waikiki Resorts staff packed sand bags to keep the seaside beach shelter.

For the time being, the beaches are not open, so the cops asked surfer and swimmer to leave the bath. Marriott Resort Waikiki Resort in Honolulu called a third storey ball-room a haven for visitors and began to remove the deck chair from the swimming pools and bars.

In Hilton Hawaiian Village, Elisabeth Brinson said hotelier personnel leave an indication that the rooms still have access to plumbing and telephone services, and an emergency generating set would provide one lift per house in the case of a blackout. Brinson, a UK indigenous man now residing in Denver, said many stores were shut down and those that were still open were desperate because they bought groceries, beers, and bottled milk to take them back to their rooms.

Land was not project to make a straight shot on the island, but officers cautioned that even a minor strike could do significant damage. The United Airlines has cancelled its Friday flight to and from Maui. On Thursday, the company added two extra services from Honolulu to San Francisco to carry passengers off the isles.

The Hawaiian Airlines cancelled all Friday services of their commute airline Ohana by Hawaiian. Hawaii's largest hotel is optimistic that they can keep their customers secure as long as they remain indoors, said Mufi Hannemann, chief executive officer of the Hawaii Tourism and Lodging Association. The Honolulu hypermarkets and offices close early on Thursday and plan to close their gates on Friday.

Accommodation with 350 persons was open all over the Oahu archipelago. As there is not enough sanctuary in the country, Tom Travis, administrator of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, pushed those who were not in the flooded areas to remain at home. National Weather Service has upgraded the Big Iceland to a tropic gale alert, which means that it is expecting persistent wind from 39 to 73 to 73 miles per hour instead of strong gales.

For Oahu and Maui County, however, a storm alert will remain in effect. It'?s a rare sight in Hawaii. As Hawaiians are restricted to the Hawaiian Isles, they must ensure that they have sufficient reserves to survive blackouts and other possible disasters. FEMA administrator Brock Long said the Federal Emergency Management Agency brought several bargeloads of groceries, bottled waters, alternators and other relief items to the area in front of the Hector storm that passed by the island more than a weekend ago.

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