Population of Yangon 2015

Yangon Population 2015

Also, the population of Yangon in 2017 according to estimated data = 6.2 million. Until 2006 it was the capital of the country. It has over 4 inhabitants. The census is estimated at 34 million, although estimates vary, as the country does not have an official census and has not conducted one since 1983.

Its population is 7,360,703 inhabitants.


It is the former capitol of Myanmar and currently the capitol of the Yangon region. It is the largest and most important commercial centre in the country, although the country's army rulers officially moved the country's capitol to the newly built community of Naypyidaw in 2006.

Some skyscrapers and commercial buildings have been designed or rebuilt throughout the city centre and Greater Yangon over the last two years. OF YANGON'S POPULATION IN 2017: Speaking of population, in order to review the population of Yangon in 2017, we need to take a look at the population of the last 5 years.

Yangon's population in 2017 is expected to be 6 million + 0.2 million = 6.2 million. Also, the population of Yangon in 2017 according to estimates = 6.2 million. YANGON DEMOGRAPHY: The town is one of the most ethnic places in Myanmar. The Indians surrounded the vast majority of the population before the Second World War, but most of the population is of Bamar ancestry.

Especially in the usual inner cities there are a large number of Indians and Chinese. Many of Rakhine also lives in Yangon. Yangon's main design vocabulary is Burmese. In Yangon, the main religion are Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Swedagon Pagoda is a celebrated sacred sight in the town.

PEOPULATION AND peopulation and YANGON GROWTH: The population of Yangon is 16,000 people per sqkm. It is expected to have 10 million people by 2040, more than twice as many as today. Approximately the expected increase will put a considerable burden on a town that is already trying to get a grip on its run-down environment and its limited administration.

Population is growing steadily and moderately in Yangon. Recent population increase in the town is due to a large number of inhabitants living here from distant places in the state. The population of Yangon is expected to increase at a similar rate in the near term.

In Yangon there are some basic codes of conduct that should be fully followed, especially with regard to pagoda visits and connections with religious.

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