Population of Burma 2016

Burmese Population 2016

On 1 January 2018, Myanmar's population was estimated at 54,996,588. That corresponds to an increase of 0.82 % (446,763 persons) compared to 54,549,825 inhabitants in the previous year. An xenophobic revival of Buddhist nationalism in Burma and Sri Lanka has threatened Muslim minorities. The Myanmar parliament passed two laws on Thursday that are widely believed to further protect the country's tough policy towards its Muslim population in Rohingya.

In June 2015, Rakhine State's Immigration and Population Department.

Myanmar elections: Moslems are kept in the darkness by refusing to cast a ballot

NLD's planned NLD nominee for Mingala Taungnyunt was Ko Mya Aye, a Moslem and a senior member of Generation 88, the leaders of the 1988 insurrection, who then led the so-called Saffron Revolution of 2007. In spite of these references, the NLD has struck him and all other Muslims off its agenda for the fear of provoke the anger of the chauvinist Buddhists who led the assault on its right.

However, for Burmese Muslims, about 5 percent of the Burmese people, the years of "democratic transition" were a disillusion. Additional spasm of murder and cremation led to the expulsion of more than 100,000 Rohingya and other Muslims from their houses. Now for the first year in the story of Burma's independence, they will be banned from choosing.

Burmese Muslim

Young Buddhists with poles were roaming the roads in quest of Muslims to invade, the state press say. Polizei said at least one persons death on Wednesday and Moslem homes and shops had been kindled. Crashes were triggered the previous morning by rumors that a Moslem man had fuelled a female Buddha and lit her on fire at a gas stand .

In Lashio, the capitol of Burma's northeastern state, Burma's violent conflict has unfolded from the west and centre, where ten thousand Muslims have been evicted from their houses. Unrests allegedly broke out on Tuesday night after cops turned over the man who had been charged with burning the female Buddha.

She was taken to an infirmary and the man was in policing detention. A new clash on Wednesday came despite allegations by the government that troops and cops had re-established serenity. In a Facebook posting, President Ye Htut's spokesperson said four men were injured in battle, which began at about 2:00 p.m. GMT (07:30 GMT).

Associated Press said that Buddhist friars took part in the riots. A lot of Buddhists and Muslims remained enclosed in their houses, and the stores throughout the city were shut down. At least 43 persons - mostly Muslims - were killed in March in a violent incident that broke out after a dispute in a Muslim store in downtown Meiktila.

Both the shopkeeper and nine other Muslims were arrested last months for the start of the war. Last year, the racial war in Rakhine state killed almost 200 and drove ten thousand deaths.

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