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BasicCensus Rakhine with Pcode MIMU_11Jun2015 MMR. xlsx, xlsx, 323. Myanmar's rural population (% of the total population) was last measured at 65. 90/2015, according to the World Bank. The young population of Myanmar and the increasing purchasing power of consumers offer opportunities for brands - Demographics | 08-05-2015.

Burma celebrated World Population Day in Nay Pyi Taw with the theme "Family Planning:

Burma - Population Proportion (2015) - Myanmar - Population Proportion (2015)

Alphanumeric 2010 and 2015 estimated number of persons per m2, with total figures in line with UN Population Department estimations (http://esa.un.org/wpp/) and left unchanged. Linard, C., Gilbert, M., Snow, R.W., Noor, A.M. and Tatem, A.J., 2012, Population Breakdown, Population Pattern and Availability in Africa 2010, 7 (2): c31743.

FORMATNAMES: Example - AGO10adjv4.tif = Angola (AGO) 2010 population counting chart (10) adapted to UN country-specific estimations (adj), v4. Demographics cards are upgraded to new releases when enhanced counts or other entry information becomes available.

Peasantry (% of the population) in Myanmar

This enables customers to access tens of thousands of historical information, access our real-time business calendars, sign up for newsletters, and get currency, commodity, equity and bond prices. Population in the countryside relates to those who live in the countryside, as determined by the NSI. This is the ratio of the population as a whole to the city population.

Myanmar's young population and the rising buying strength of consumers offer branded goods and services as well.

Myanmar's thriving economies, young population and increasing disposable income offer great opportunity to domestic businesses as well as to Asia and multinational corporations looking for new emerging economies, particularly FMCG and telecom firms. FMCG has grown 15% over the last four years and nearly half of the average Myanmar consumer's average spending per month (47%) is on foods and grocery, home and toiletries.

However, for the vast majority of Asia and FMCG brand names, Myanmar is relatively new terrain, and for the most part Myanmar customers are still familiar with the wealth of multinational brand names that are currently flood the world. As a result, consumer advocacy is very important to those in their trustworthy networks - trust and referrals from myanmar's relatives and acquaintances are seen by Myanmar's customers as pivotal to their buying choices, along with uptime.

Establishing consciousness, testing and finally confidence is crucial for the company's future branding. It is the availabilty of technological devices such as cell phone that is accelerating Myanmar's modernization. Until recently, the global economy has been frozen off for many years and the pace at which customers are introducing new technologies is astonishing.

In 2014, home cellular phone penetration rose 19 percent points from 2013 levels and currently amounts to 44 percent. Again, verbal propaganda is a crucial factor when it comes to buying a cell phone for Myanmar users, along with a good price-performance ratio and the wish to own the latest one.

Text messaging is by far the most popular way of communicating with Myanmar's cell phones (81%), while chats applications and community networking are becoming more dynamic (24%), as is surfing sites like Facebook, Thithtoolwin, Google, Myanmarnews and G-talk on-line (20%). Burma's consumer base is also one of the most dedicated wireless operators in Southeast Asia - an vast majority (75%) are open to advertisements on their phones as long as they can get free and more than half (53%) will like to click on advertisements on their phones as long as the advertisement does not take them outside the application in which they are located when they have them.

There are countless possibilities for Myanmar's already existing and emerging markets to connect and connect with the consumer. Myanmar's key is to meet the information needs of Myanmar shoppers to help them make their branding choices.

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