Population Census 2014

2014 Census

2014 National Population and Housing Census. First census of the Crimean Federal District, transliterated as Perepis naseleniya v Krymskom federalnom okruge, was conducted in 2014 in Crimea, after it was annexed by Russia. This census showed a total population of 2,284,769. Provisional results of the 2014 general census in Georgia. ("2014 Census") was taken at midnight by.

2014 National Census

It was scheduled to take place in 2012, but was rescheduled to 2013 for want of money and again rescheduled to August 2014. Nabongo said in a declaration released Wednesday in 2013/14 that the government has earmarked sh50.4 billion to help prepare for the 2014 census.

There is a lack of up-to-date population information, with population forecasters currently basing their work on estimations. The Nabongo said that the NIS, which involves the issuance of state IDs, birthday documents and electoral registers, cannot substitute the population and population census.

Swiss National Statistics > 2014 Census

That statistical publication presents the definitive results of the 2014 population and population census. Includes information on the population by demographics, immigration, education, occupation, fruitfulness. The results on budgetary and living standards are also presented. It refers to the population of Maldives, the population of Maldives and the population of foreigners and is given at the levels of republic, man and atolls.

This is a set of granular analytic surveys carried out on the basis of the 2014 population and housing census. This study demonstrates the state of affairs and provides an in-depth study of the different population groups for evidence-based political decision-making.

New Caledonia 2014 Census

New Caledonia had a population of 269,000 in August 2014. Demographic development remained one of the most buoyant in the Pacific Islands. The population has risen by 23,000 since 2009, the date of the last census. The largest part of this rise is due to the rise in nature and to a smaller degree to the net immigration balance, which amounted to +8,000 in five years.

Now 74% of the population live in the Southern provinces, compared to 19% in the Northern provinces and 7% in the Loyalty Islands. The aging of the population has increased, but the percentage of young population is still high. An increasing part of the population, however, explains that they are of racial or Caledonian origin.

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