Popular places in Myanmar

Most popular places in Myanmar

These places, which are heavily represented on our itinerary for a visit to Burma (Myanmar), are destinations we know are always popular with our travelers. There are many faces to Myanmar, from urban explorers to temple fans, from nature lovers to beach boys. A popular place to watch the sunset is the Shwesandaw Temple. Discover the best places and attractions in Myanmar to visit. As many other places, the prices for ferry tickets for foreigners are different.

Burma & Southern China: Unknown Places

" Myanmar is enveloped in secrets and intrigues and has long since captured the fascination of the demanding traveller. Unfortunately, Myanmar's mythical beauties and intriguing civilization have been relatively unknown due to the catastrophic state of politics. Though known for its innumerable monasteries and famous Buddhist legacy, Myanmar's breathtaking scenery and pristine beauties have stayed a relatively mysterious one.

Think about the legend of the Prohibited Town, let your fantasy run wild and immerse yourself in a millennia-old world. Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is Myanmar's biggest town and main trading center, situated on the Yangon-Bago River converge.

The former Burma's capitol combines traditions, art and modernism in a creative way. Frequently referred to as the "Garden of the East ", outdoor enthusiasts love the untouched lake, green tropic forests and extensive parklands. Today you take a full days drive through Bagan. You will get to know the most famous monasteries in the area with the help of your expert guides.

It' this charming landscape that puts Bagan on the roadmaps. Once the photo gallery is finished, we continue to other near-tempples, some of which are several hundred years old. Sites like Ananda, Dhammayangyi, Sulamani and Thatbyinnyu will surely make an impression on you. Bagan lies on the east bank of the Irrawaddy River in the centre of Myanmar and is known for its scenic buddhistic churches, cougars, stupas as well as ancient remains.

This is Bagan, the ultimative photographer's haven. As an alternative, you can serve your meal in a typical hamlet or in the camps. At the end of this memorable event, say good-bye to your new buddies and head back on the highway to see your chauffeur and drive back to your accommodation. Famous for its trek, Kalaw is also of cultural interest with a varied populations of Shan, Indian Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims as well as Nepalese Gurkhas who came to Kalaw to construct the streets and railroad line under UK domination.

The magical Inle Sea is a huge fresh water sea in the middle of Shan State, a part of the Shan Hills in Myanmar that borders Laos and Thailand. This is Myanmar's second biggest pond with an area of 44.9 sq. m. and one of the highest with an altitude of 2,900ft.

Beautiful waterways, swimming pools, stone towns and brittle Stupa, Inle lake is a place to enjoy. Observe the inthas' legs, the indigenous pole-dweller. Canoe the unspoiled environment of Lac Inle to enjoy the sounds of the outdoors. After a 45 minutes shuttle to Shwe Nyaung, where the boats are waiting (2 people per kayak) to peddle on a stream leading to Inle lake.

There is a scenery of farmland full of potato, paddy, sugar cane, tomato, peanut and cloves as we stop in a typical Shan or Intha hamlet that hardly sees any overseas people. You' ll begin with a tour of the old capitol Amarapura, a peaceful town where you'll be able to listen to the calming noise of a weaver.

Stroll through the famed Mahagandayon Convent grounds with centuries of friars, visiting a 100-year-old weavers' school and crossing the bow-leg bridge, where we sample a gulp of Mandalay-Rum that was produced since 1886! Mandalay, Burma's last imperial capitol, is located in the east shore of the Irrawaddy River in the heart of the city.

This relatively young imperial town, regarded by many as the centre of Burma's cultural life, was constructed in 1857. Inhabitants are known for their generosity and charity, especially as the area is home to the world's greatest number of local people.

Today you will take a tour on the magnificent Irrawaddy in Mingun. You will be taken a brief drive from the motel to the Mingun Bridge, where your vessel is prepared to go upriver. You will soon reach the shores of this imperfect town, where a number of imperfect archeological oddities can be found.

The Mingun Paya, one of the world's biggest Buddhist stupa (religious temples), is partly built. You will also see the Mingun bells, a bronce bells ordered by King Bodawpaya of Myanmar in 1808, weighing about 90tonnes. In Kunming, you can enjoy all the advantages of a contemporary China town without the pressures to meet the Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai standard.

Apart from the urban lifestyle, there are some nice karst scenery in the hills that surround the town, and a few day's exploration of the temple that populate the town itself can be wasted. You will be expected at your accommodation for a visit to the Jiuxiang Caves and the Stone Forest.

You will have a great time at the Stone Forest Hotel. Jiuxiang is the biggest cavern system in China. Indeed, it is a very popular place with a long tradition and wonderful people. It' s very seldom in China that there are so well conserved antique minorities. Wangu lies on the Lion Hill and is the symbol of the antique Lijiang people.

The cobbled, tortuous labyrinth of cobbled roads that take you round its twisty curves and get you astray. "Well-known" is certainly the right term, because the many visitors fill the small alleys quite quickly in the mornings. Although there are many possibilities to get out of the old town, we are encouraging our travellers to get settled and participate in the hectic hustle and bustle.

It is a unique chance to visit an antique town that is still busy every single workday. The Savoy Hotel Yangon has been privately owned since its foundation in 1995. Altogether 30 luxury rooms, six of them Suiten, provide an adventure of old fashioned old fashioned charms, stylish with traditionally Myanmar antique items, tea furnishings and roomy baths.

Savoy is idyllic with views of the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda and People' s Park, just ten driving min from the town centre and 20 min from the international airport. The swimming pools and outside lounges provide a quiet haven in the midst of the busy town, which is shaded by high, old saplings.

You will be captivated by the breath-taking view, encircled by more than 4000 antique shrines and pagodas. Hotel @ Tharabar Gate is only 5 min walk from the stunning Ananda Temple, known as'The Jewel of Bagan'. There are 83 luxurious rooms, 4 of which are suites. Every room with its high ceilings and various hand-painted murals, which are all replicas of the primitive temple paintings of the Bagan Age.

Amara is a former settlement in the Shan Mountains, Kalaw, Myanmar. This boutique eco-resort & spa is beautifully situated on the shore of Inlay Lake and is one of the most beautiful resort in this one-of-a-kind traveler' s wonder. The Inle Resort & Spa was constructed with the detailled atmosphere of local architectural styles and is a welcome lighthouse for all visitors due to its characteristic lake view rooftop.

Situated in an idyllic location, the residence has a personal touch and high standard of amenities, complemented by a personal touch. For many years Inle Spa has been a stakeholders' advocate of sustainable development and sustainable development. Burma is like no other place in the world. Mandalay, the former capitol of the Kingdom of Myanmar, is a stunning place for historic and culture travellers.

The Mandalay Hill Resort is located at the base of Mandalay Hill with a panorama views of a variety of mountain peaks and the unmistakable architectural features of the Royal Palace and its magnificent canal. Myanmar's fun-loving, welcoming folk, whose life remains easy and relaxing, will make your stay a precious and ageless memory.

Mandalay is only an hour's fly from Yangon and twenty minutes' flying time from Bagan, within easy access of some of the most noteworthy archeological places in the country that have been inspiring Myanmar's visitor for almost a thousand years. The 28-storey building near Wujiaba Airport was constructed in 1998 and partially renovated in 2004.

Most of the hotel's staff speaks English and the company is proud of the shared expertise. Each room is conceived for travelers from all over the world, and the resort has ensured that the usual comforts of the West are the same. The Wangfu is situated in South Gate Square in the old town of Lijiang and is uniquely and charmingly decorated with colourful and traditionally decorated rooms.

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