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19 July is today in Myanmar as Martyrs' day. bimonthly NewsDest Journal. First Mongolian invasion of Burma (today.... the news to Beijing, but not.... the area from today's Assam to the north and east of Myanmar...) In Myanmar there are 20 news organisations, among them Agence France...

A number of newspapers that have not yet seen the light afloat are supported by the current... 2015 Rohingya refugees crises.... the Myanmar army started a brute raid on Rohingya towns..... as related to Thai newsagency. Yangon, with over 7 million inhabitants, is the biggest town in Myanmar and its...... many books and news....

Antichinese unrest of 1967 in Myanmar..... Magazine for Southeast Asian Studies, 43(2), .... Name of Myanmar Jump to.... Wall Street Journal, ..... and the US-based Associated Press and Reuters have named....

Myanmar's special department investigates the finances of news magazines

As a result, news journalists have been asked by the authorities how their magazines have remained above water in a challenging printing press world. The Burmese special branch of the Burmese riot control investigates the economic record of personal news reports, say reporters. Since Friday, six Special Branch (SB) magazines have been interviewed by journalists who wanted to know how the magazines succeeded in asserting themselves in a challenging printing press world.

Writers The Voice, Unity Journal, Myanmar Thandawsint, the Myanmar Post, Popular News and People's Age said they did not know why their finance was of interest to SB, which is directly subordinated to the Ministry of the Interior. A number of people were wondering whether the inquiry was related to samples of official bribery.

All the self-service officials said they were planning to look into all the personal magazines, as well as state magazines and magazines that belong to major international politics groups, the publishers said. "Than Htike Thu, editor-in-chief of the Myanmar Post, who is the sponsor, what are the issues, what is the print run, and how do they survive while magazines are losing cash every week," said Than Htike Thu, who was interviewed at his magazine offices in Botahtaung Township on Saturday night.

Wondering whether the inquiry into the printed press was connected with a corrupt inquiry by the country's former religion ministry, who was sacked from his position last weekend. Myanmar Thandawsint magazine journalists who have been charged with having accepted funding from government officials, as well as former Secretary of Religion Hsan Hsint, were also interviewed for an hour and a half on Sunday.

The SB examined us yesterday," said the magazine's vice editor-in-chief, San Win Tun, and added that the cops had not asked about Hsan Hsint. The Voice and the paper's editor-in-chief Kyaw Min Swe criticised the study of magazines as superfluous. Unity magazine could not be contacted.

At the beginning of this year, four reporters and the head of the magazine were arrested after they published a tale about an supposed chemicals arms plant in mainland Burma. Popular News and People's Age publishers say they were interviewed on Friday. Last April, for the first run in several decade-long periods, personal newspapers were able to start in Burma.

Burma's Interim Press Councils plan to make a declaration on Wednesday on the inquiry into the printed press, said Kyaw Min Swe, who is also the Councils minister.

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