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Many thanks for your message. Hi TZAsia, We plan to traverse the Moreh-Tamu boarder in December 2016, do you know busses from Tamu to Mandalay or Bagan? Pamuuuu....you can take a bus from Tamu or Kalay to Mandalay...BUT...note that you can only get the MTT permission for entry at the Tamu-Moreh intersection if you also get off there...i.e. you have to get on and off at this point.

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The Myanmar military's brutality against Rohingya has led to a conviction abroad, but has made the armed forces better known in their own country.

The activist Nyo Tun was imprisoned for 10 years as a public servant by Myanmar's army in the infamous Insein Penitentiary, where he suffered blows and other atrocities for his democratic work. Myanmar, long insulated by both election and global penalties, has seen change in recent years.

Aung San Suu Kyi, another former Nobel Peace Prize winner, was voted chief of a civil administration, leading to an alleviation of most penalties and an inflow of overseas investments. However, the most conspicuous shift may be the views of the Buddhist Burmese people on their military: an once scorned establishment has increased its appeal alongside an increase in popularism that has been associated with the suppression of Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine state in the west of Myanmar, which has claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and more than 650,000 IDPs.

Whilst most of the outside is horrified by what UN and US authorities call "ethnic cleansing", which has become Asia's most serious human trafficking crises for centuries, many in Myanmar are supporting it. The Rohingya are seen as irregular Bangladeshi immigrants who pose a danger to domestic safety and override denunciation of violations.

What is the Rohingya crises in Myanmar for? They have gathered in towns across the nation to help the local people known as Tatmadaw. In November, the armed services said an in-house inquiry has acquitted its powers of assertions of atrocities. "We are very proud that the armed services have done the land good," said another.

It has been isolated from the outside world for years, and its constituents were not permitted to see world news, let alone having broadband connections. It was forbidden to talk about policy and demonstrations were forbidden. They have been trapped in civilian conflicts with rebel tribes struggling for self-determination and tribalism.

In those few cases where frustration turned into pro-democracy insurrections - as in 1988 and 2007 - the armed forces reacted with resounding strength, leaving behind the deaths or imprisonment of literally a hundred people. After the defeat in the 2015 elections, when the electorate sent out a clear signal that they would no longer-tolerate the military government, the armed forces concentrated on a "victorious formulation of violent and disparaging Rohingya and racial rebels," he said.

He said that the democratic process is "a fine job for them, because the memory of the past oppressions is fading in the population". What is most worrying for many commentators is the assistance the army has received from the militaries and former detainees who once stood up for the help of the multinational fellowship in disempowering the general.

"Due to transnational pressures and criticisms, the Myanmar population is more unified under the nationalist regime and the peoples are beginning to develop a strong sense of nationality, because this is not just a common case, it is about the story and policies of our country," said Ko Ko Ko Gyi, another former convict.

Instead of showing sympathy with the suppressed Rohingya, some of them became involved in bigoty against them. You consider them to be "fake news" of internationally spread rapes and murders. A number of former prisoner politicians believe their peers are misplaced. But Mathieson said that the army might find his newly discovered appeal ephemeral.

"He said that if individuals are beginning to realize that the army has still not carried out political or institutional reforms, or that their extremely aggressive behavior in the state of Rakhine has been isolating the land and driving Myanmar back into the hands of China, the grudge could come back.

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