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Multiple search engines | Myanmar News Journal | webcrawler.com. Interestingly, in Myanmar these role models do not come from the West, but Korean pop stars and actors are particularly popular. Nowadays it owes its Burmese name to the widespread film by director Thuk Ha. The exploration of the area by bike is very popular.

" The Irrawaddy is very popular with Burmese readers."

First magazine available in Myanmar

Irrawaddy magazine has spent most of his lifetime treating Myanmar from afar. Back then it was not possible for them to speak frankly in their own land, also known as Burma. There has been a great change over the past year, and this week-end will see the first release of the Irrawaddy magazine on the Myanmar street.

For Kyaw Zwa Moe, Irrawaddy journalist, it is an important moment: "I look forward to seeing our local readership read Irrawaddy magazine in a legal and open manner for the first a year. This will be a very thrilling and beautiful occasion for me," he said when I went to see him this weekend at the Irrawaddy in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Until recently, any kind of openly reported culture in the Philippines - whether in exiles or elsewhere - was also inconceivable. Throughout 50 years, the countryside was ruled by state monuments such as Myanmar's New Light and weeklies under the difficult hands of the censor. Indeed, many of Irrawaddy's Chiang Mai offices are empty because most of the employees have relocated to Yangon, Myanmar's number-one town.

"Now I think we have 20 men in a small agency. Kyaw Zwa Moe laughs, "The agency is pretty full. Another exiled work on the other side of Chiang Mai, Mizzima, was visited by a similar skeletal garrison who held the fortress. Myanmar in August has ceased to censor Myanmar but observers say there is a way between here and media freedoms.

For the first year in 12 years, he was back to cover Aung San Suu Kyi's drive to promote a small community outside Yangon. It was a pleasure for him to see this liberty among Christians and also among the interviewees. "In fact, I actually still recall that I was interviewing an old girl who said that she was the oldest girl in the town.

Now Irrawaddy, Mizzima and other major news businesses are under unprecedented pressures elsewhere in Myanmar to make a return in an overcrowding.

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