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The Popular Journal focuses on famous news and the fashion sector of the people of Myanmar. Myanmar Registrant Organization: " Popular Journal Myanmar meets with Aye Thaung." From The Speaker News Journal | Date: Popular magazines end up in hot water after speculating on details of an expected cabinet renovation.

Popular Myanmar: Popular Myanmar

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Aung San Suu Kyi, a former Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Nobel Peace Prize winner, and her NLD led to the formation of a nationwide administration in early 2016. Since Myanmar is open to both Western business and governments, it is an inestimable resource for further research and the first point of contact for scientists, academics, college graduates and senior politicians working in Myanmar and Asia.

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Popular Newspaper, established on January 29, 2009, is a quarterly magazine published by the Asian Fame Media Group in Yangon, Myanmar. Featuring a wealth of headlines, thought-provoking editorials and policy commentaries, the Popular Newspaper provides a snap-shot of what Myanmar's citizens talk about every single Wednesday. Popular Newspaper aims to cover all aspects of our varied Myanmar policy agenda.

The magazine focuses on some of the most prominent actors in the Myanmar civil-service. The Popular Newspaper has made a name for itself in both the printed and electronic sectors. The Popular Newspaper' s coverage and commitment to Facebook postings exceeds 1 million every weeks. We believe in making extensive information and ethic journalists available to our reader.

One Popular News Journal readership is well versed and informs about what is happening in Myanmar and also advocates critical commentaries that are at the heart of our policy-making. Director, Head of the Plant Protection Department, Agriculture Department, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation, Ministry of Nature and the Environment. Generaldirektor, Directorate of Investment & Company Administration (DICA), Generalsekretär, Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Director of Industry Relations & Marketing für Schlumberger Myanmar, Präsident von HuCARE, Professor, Hanbat National University, Südkorea, Vice President, Myanmar Private Hospital Association, Director (Drug Control),

Director, Directorate of Food and Drug Administration, Director, Directorate of Investment & Society Administration (DICA), Executive Director, Myanmar Securities Exchange Centre, BEAC Mitglied, Kyuak Phyu SEZ Management Committee, Director General, Department of Higher Education (Lower Myanmar), Director General, Department of Technical and Vocational Education, MiTA Services Pte Ltd ist ein Beratungsunternehmen.

The MiTA Group of Enterprises offers among others in Singapore, Myanmar and Thailand consultancy, capital expenditure consultancy and planning. We are a renowned consultancy in Myanmar. Since 2009, our Myanmar-based businesses have been offering one-stop advice to international clients on entering the developing Myanmar region and establishing relationships with domestic businesses in Myanmar.

In addition, we offer organizational reengineering, reorganization of company processes and contractual managment for Myanmar's domestic enterprises. MiTA Myanmar Consultants & Advisors is made up of technically skilled and extremely skilled staff with extensive global expertise. We also have a group of consultants and senior consultants in Myanmar who have retreated from Myanmar's ministries, departments, public enterprises and development organizations.

In Myanmar, MiTA manages and sponsors ethics businesses in accordance with the FinancialCPA, UK Bribery Act & Myanmar Anti-corruption Laws. One-Stop Customized Investment & Buisness Consultancy in Myanmar seit 2009. The MiTA Group of Companies offers the following consultancy in Myanmar: screen & select Myanmar partners, due diligence, investment advice, contract negotiations, Myanmar company registrations, MIC approval, EIA & SIA, agency & marketing, Myanmar market research, Myanmar translations, localization, recruitment, organizational restructuring, project management, etc.

MiTA's customers and partners come from Japan, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Norway, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, India, Thailand, Myanmar, etc.

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