Popular Food in Myanmar

Favourite food in Myanmar

Nangyi Thoke is one of the most popular spaghetti-like pasta dishes. Myanmar has a lot of popular food. You will find below other interesting dishes that you can take with you.

Traditional Myanmar cuisine - travel guide

Burma is located between two great and very different civilizations that have affected not only religious, cultural and artistic life but also cuisine. When you have travelled to Myanmar, there are some icons to try. Myanmar has a wide range of geography, favourable weather and of course rich land and sea habitats, so it offers a wide range of food throughout the year.

Burma is located between two great and very different civilisations that have affected not only religious, cultural and artistic life, but also the cuisine. The arrival of Chinese and Indians during Myanmar's colonisation also affected Myanmar's cuisine and introduced new products. As globalisation and liberalisation of commerce emerge, the most popular food products from around the globe are available in the towns and cities, but most of Myanmar's population still value their own food and ensure that its nature and unique character remain the same.

Burmese have a long and rich food preparation heritage, and the story of the country's ancient kitchen can be as old as the art and civilization of its population. A lot of aromatic flavours and seasonings are used, and most meals are very aromatic, albeit with much less heating than Thai cooking.

Burma's most famous meal is On-no-khaukswe, a coir-based chicken curry with cooked paddy-eggs. Other popular dishes are laurel (tea lettuce ), shane rices, Burma ricecurry, Burma sweets snack, shaan pasta, nangyi-thokes, mohinga, shaan pasta.... Burma is an agricultural land with main cultivation area paddy-ripe.

With the exception of the highlands, where it is very hard to cultivate it. The basic foodstuffs in these areas are paddy, millets, maize, sourghum. It is served with a uncooked lettuce of leaf, fruits or vegetable, soups and curry of seafood, meats, prawns and/or sausages.

There' s a wide range of pasta recipes. There are no starters or wine in a conventional portion. Myanmar food consists of a dish stuffed with paddy, various curry meals, broth in a mother dish and cooked or cooked vegetable with seafood sauces. The meals are prepared at the same time, not like those of the West.

Conventional Myanmar medical science divides food into two classes: heat or cool, depending on its effect on the body's system, similar to the China diet. The food is consumed with the finger, but the crockery is provided with service spoon, which can be operated with the neat lefthand one. During the whole time of the night humans are eating betels and smoking cigarettes.

Not only do burmese drinking teas from dry tealeaves, they also enjoy marinated teas as a delicacy. Others are chapatis, roasted bugs and baked cakes. The majority of Myanmar treats are made from paddy or sticky rices, rasped cream or ground flaked coconuts, and sweetened with sugars or jaggery. 2. In Myanmar, consumers love to enjoy a variety of light meals such as breakfasts, fasts and teas.

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