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Myanmar (Burma) in Southeast Asia uses Burmese names. Myanmar could be the common language of an S'gaw. " Both names have long been used in the Burmese language and differ from a common term. Myanmar names can be one to five characters or one word long, although the usual length is three words. Have you ever wondered which female cat names are most popular?

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As Burmese is a monosyllable speech, each part of its name is a single words that can mean one or more things according to the pronunciation. Of course, they choose names that designate nice features, desired characteristics or a kind of secular achievement. A Burmese person's name or names would represent the date of his birth.

A Burmese, for example, would be given a name that starts with either letter B, M, or letter B. Also, a Burmese does not hesistate to alter his or her name if he is persecuted by illness or mishap. The Burmese names may seem a little bewildering to overseas audiences because they do not pass on their first name.

Nor do Burmese wives use their husbands' names. But Ma and Maung are also the first names of youngsters.

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Names entered will be provided by website visitors. We cannot guarantee the correctness of these naming conventions. In Sanskrit or Pali, probably of little known importance, it means "garland, wreath", or " joy, delight", or "blue" or "sapphire". Perhaps "intelligence" in Burmese means "linseed flower", which means "fame" or "happiness, happiness".

Any Burmese last names?

Burma's name system is remarkably different from that of the world. In order to be able to answer these questions, I would say that the Myanmar name system has three specific features: A few have argued that this could be seen as a symbol of equal rights that Burmese females had far before the feminist movement (including third generation poisonous feminism).

The genealogical system is too small in Myanmar's family ( (except in Myanmar's last imperial cynasty, Konbaung, which forced and practised incessancy to keep the blood line "pure"). The name system began to shift among the formed Burmese classes after Myanmar was illegally and barbarously annihilated by the British.

In Myanmar's still dominating system of names, however, a child's name gives no hint as to what his parents' name might be. You never would have known we were a familiy just by looking at the names. If I tell some non-Burmese, they take a breath and wonder how to track down their ancestors?

But my response is that we don't really give that much attention to what we are. I admit, however, that in some cases, such as the search for lost parent, this shortage of first or last names is a problem. As the Chinese could guessed the date of one' s birthday by asking about the year of one' s birthday, so the Myanmar population could guessed the name.

The Burmese script has 33 letters. The above points do not only apply to the Myanmar people.

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