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Favourite Burmese food

The salads have always been popular as fast food in Burmese cities. In Myanmar, Khao swé pyar thoke is a popular cold noodle dish. Chetti kalaor Chettiar (South Indian cuisine) is also popular in the cities. It is Myanmar's most popular food in the daily life of the Burmese people. You will find instructions on vegetarian nutrition at the bottom of this page.

Appetizer 5 Must-flavored foods from Myanmar

Myanmar's tourist industry has developed at a rapid pace over the past four years, and if the tendency were to continue - and we believe this will be the case - the once insulated Myanmar's food traditions could be as omnipresent in America as Thai and Hindi cooking. FOODYS call Myanmar's kitchen the "last frontier" for Asiatic dishes.

Burmese cuisine can be found in many Burmese places in US towns with large Asiatic congregations, but for most of us, traveling to Myanmar, the biggest land in Southeast Asia, is the best way to taste Burmese cuisine. While Myanmar's towns are beginning to pamper westerly tastes, there is still an array of "real" dishes that will pamper your taste buds with a combination of warm, sugary, sour and savoury flavours that are unique to Burma.

All over the countryside, local food often differs according to whether it is eaten in the northern or southern regions. This is because each of Myanmar's 135 ethnic groups has its own story and civilization, as well as food manners. But there is one thing that remains consistent in Myanmar's diversity: travel. Approximately 75% of the food consists of travel.

You can have turned raw or cooked like a corn or into thin, shallow pasta for lunch or as a dais. One way or another it gives substances to soups and is used as a vehicle for curries. We have selected five of the dozen Burmese food to try on your trip through Myanmar.

It' not formal, but if Myanmar called it a nationwide food, it would be mysinga. Seasoned with curcuma, chilli and lemon grass, this seafood consommé is the perfect way to have it. It is also a food court or the first course of a cosy dinner. Thin, shallow pasta in most cases.

In this court, brown and white riceflour is used. Burmese give a new significance to the term "salad". "It is their variation of quick food, and the common basis is one way or another of cooking it. As an alternative, the pasta can also be made from cereals. Among the many types of myeshay ( "rice pasta with gravy "), this cubed variation of pig is the one to try in Mandalay, Burma's last imperial city.

Grinded and sifted chick peas instead of soy beans give this puddinglike structure to this toofu. Turmeric, which seems to be everywhere in Burmese cuisine, can be added to enhance the gold colour of toffus. At a Shan town, making tofus is a community matter, but in the West it can be made with garbanzomeal.

Burmese food, Shan-style toofu is used in everything from soups to salads. Watch this great movie that shows you how to make chickpeas fouou soup, a classic Myanmar breakfastshape!

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