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Mt Popa, KyaukPadaung Township, Mandalay Division, Myanmar. Mt Popa is an extinct volcano in central Burma with a monastery on the top. Explore Mount Popa in Myingyan, Myanmar (Burma): Explore Mt. Popa on your private tour of Myanmar! Mt Popa is an extinct volcano that is estimated to have erupted for the last time over three hundred and twenty thousand years ago.

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Popa Mountains is located on a hill encircled by luxuriant vegetation on the top of Mount Popa - 48 km from the antique town of Bagan. At sunset over the infinite swimming pools, the residence provides a peaceful and peaceful environment with the most spectacular view of the wonderful Taung Kalatt cloister.

Turn off, and we mean that, take the chance to savour the beauties of Popa Mountain, relax and of course take in the stunning scenery. It is an SEO-friendly residence offering stylishly decorated and modernly appointed rooms. The Popa Mountain Spa has the most beautiful panorama in the whole wide range of the mountain, waking up every morning to a tranquil and panoramic sight of the Taung Kalatt Monastery.

Have one or two cocktails at View Point and admire the wonderful sundown. From our Popa Mountain Resort you can get to the base of the Taung Kalatt Abbey in about 20 mins. Our employees will be pleased to show you the way. It is a favourite place of worship for the people of Myanmar, the Popa Taung Kalatt Temple is the preferred home of 37 most revered ghosts (Nats) and is located on a volcano cone.

You' ll be able to harvest your own fruits and veggies, even get to know the many different facets of Myanmar cuisine, our chef will also show you how to make and boil your selected cuisine. You' ll be able to enjoy your exquisite creation in a wonderful and unforgettable environment.

Mt Popa | Home of the 37 most revered ghosts of nature

Mt Popa, known in Burma as the home of the Nats, is an extinguished vulcano with a convent on the summit, called Popa Taungkalat. It' the most important place in Burma for the Nat-flight. Mt Popa, which means that the Mount Popa is about 1,500 metres above sealevel. It is situated in Mount Popa National Park.

Though the area is very arid, the mountains and surroundings are verdant and look like an ocean in the waste. Because of the fertility of the vulcanic ground and the many creeks in the area, the mountains and the national park contain many nice plants and other vegetations. Coming to Mount Popa means a trip through the countryside and the opportunity to see Burma's small towns every where.

To reach the convent on the top of the hill, an ascent via a staircase with 777 stairs is necessary. On the way to the summit, there are stores that sell various objects such as woodwork and native cathedrals. There are apes everywhere along the stairs and in the convent itself who are always looking for nourishment.

At the top of the staircase are two huge gold-coloured chinthes, a lion-like critter that watches over the entry to most of Burma's wards. When you arrive in the convent area, please take off your boots and boots as is customary in Burma's churches. The top of the hill offers a great view of the area.

Popa is the most important place of worship in Burma. People have been worshipping them on the hill for at least a thousand years. They are ghosts that have been worshiped throughout Burma for many hundreds of years. You were probably revered before the advent of Buddhism. There is a sanctuary in the Popa Taungkalat Convent containing 37 of the most important Nat's, all dressed in colour.

A lot of people from all over Burma come to Mount Popa to worship the Nats, especially during the full-lunar feasts of Nayon and Nadaw. There are many stories about Mount Popa. Since Mount Popa is home to the 37 most revered Nats, most of them are occupied with ghosts of Mt. Nats. There is a story that King Anawrahta, who established the Bagan empire in the eleventh centuary, ordered a bishop called Byatta to get clean cathedrals from Mount Popa every single second.

And then one morning Byatta ran into an ogre called Mai Wunna, who was living on the hill and eating only flower. BYATATA falls in love with her and soon after gives mother to two children in a cavern on Mount Popa. They both became Nats, who still lives on the hill today.

Later, when the two children were put to death, they too became Nats. In Taungbyone near Mandalay there is an annually celebration in which the two brethren are devout. Mt Popa is situated in central Burma about 180 kilometres south-west of Mandalay and 50 kilometres south-east of Bagan and Nyaung U International Airfield.

Popa Taungkalat Abbey is open from 8 am to 5 pm.

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