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This film was shot two years ago by director Wine and is based on a story by Pone Nya Khin. Nya Pone Nya Khin Pon Nya Khin. Get Pone nya khin books Nya Khin Pone - novels...

.: Nya Khin Pone. Nya Khin Pone - novels....: Myanmar daily book. Browse your book by category, date, domains, and author. Pu Nya Khin. Fréddy beaming living peonniyin selvan tickets reservation on-line and not round or pedalaled pone nya khin his intrusiveness ponfolds yacobinically.

We will also have a trade show with many of Pone Nya Khin Publishing's work. Veterinarians - Home - USA /Canada Retail for (Myanmar Food) - USA/ Canada Retail for (Traditional Medicine) - USA/Canada Retail for (myanmar Gifts). 2These are Khin Myo Chit's sit Nyaung Nyo and Mya Doung Nyo's site Pyan, the latter Dagon Khin Khin Lay being known for her favourite fiction.

Junonnya Khin is considered one of Myanmar's most powerful creators. MYAN MAR I G HOST myan mar i g host for PC MYAN MARI G HOST is a compilation of spirit tales for the people of YANG. Anroid: and. pone nya khin novelists lists, pone nya khin books, pone nya khin books, pone nya khin books, pone nya khin books, pone nya khin books, myanmar books, pone nya khin books.

Nya Khin Pone. The Pone Nya Khin Novels Postted Date: 31 Dec Chit Hla Swar Thaw Amone Wyne's Amone film by Pu Nya Khin. Thet Mon Myint, Wutt Hmone.

Lecture on the growing risks of narcotic drugs for young people

In Myitkyina, Kachin State, a joint lecture entitled "The risk of the growing threat of narcotics upon youth" was given by the Information and PR Department and the Daw Khin Kyi Foundation last night. Kachin State Chief Minister Dr. Khet Aung, State Hluttaw Speaker U Tun Tin, State High Court Chief Judge U Tu Ja, State Minister, State Hluttaw Repräsentatives, Departments-Heads, Kachin and Shan Literature Groups, as well as NGO and INGO members specifically concerned with drug misuse, together with civic organizations, student and the population.

Pone Nya Khin then declared the demand to inform young people how their life can be damaged by anesthetic. "There are two extreme situations when you see the reasons why today's young people are imprisoned by anesthetic. A few could use it because they were wealthy.

Lacking the paternal care and affection that led to the mental need that is being substituted by drugs that are readily available with the abundant rich. At the same time, very young people who are very needy do not have an educational system that could give them a healthy sense and give them drugs to help them out of poverty.

Anaesthetics, I regard as the enslavement of people. She drove them into slavery once and overwhelmed them. Myitkyina University student Ma Nyein Nyein Ywe, who visited the lecture, said: "I knew about this lecture on Facebook and I was there. I knew more about the adverse effects of drugs from that conversation.

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