Political Situation in Myanmar today

Myanmar political situation today

They have the right of veto over almost everything the civilian government wants to do. In this chapter we focus on the political situation in Myanmar in the middle. Burma is releasing political prisoners before the change of power. In its efforts to change the political situation in Burma, the West is focusing on the application of sanctions. Evaluation of the current situation in Myanmar:

Declaration of the Burmese Women's League on the current political situation

WLB is very worried about the worsening Burma's ongoing policy stance that threatens the country's move towards a lasting peaceful settlement and the popularly called for a fED. Under the guise of the threat to domestic souvereignty, the police have committed mass killings, the devastation of properties and other infringements of indigenous peoples, resulting in the fleeing of several hundred thousand to Bangladesh and the displacement of several thousand to Sittwe and other areas.

It is the WLB's view that this force was intentionally caused and fueled by certain groups that do not want a lasting peaceful settlement in Burma and want to impede and slow down the current peacemaking processes. Armed offensive, violent and violent acts of God, as well as violent acts of God, torture and sexually assaulted people in our communities continue with unpunished consequences.

In addition, there are growing limitations on defenders of fundamental freedoms, opinion and politics. Specifically, it analyses that force should continue to pose further threat and barriers to the NLD administration. World Bank does not tolerate this kind of force and the serious violation of fundamental freedoms that hampers the democracy and peacemaking work.

To destabilise the country's democracy, the World Bank denounces these efforts to foment conflicts and conflicts between different nationalities. World Bank denounces the attacks on trafficked woman in conflicts and especially the acts of brutality against trafficked woman and girl in the north of Rakhine State. It also calls on Burma's legislature, present administration and other actors to call for a change to the 2008 Burmese constitutional system towards a federation of Burma's democracy.

Co-operation, challenge, dispute

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