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I' m Dunya Polistren Group. Dunya decor. Apollo Polistren Decor, Adana (Adana, Turkey). You will find the perfect polistren archive photo. {\a6};

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As part of our products and service, we have developed a system of excellence aimed at achieving client contentment, managing client feedbacks effectively, using our clients' assets efficiently, meeting deadlines and achieving continual improve. The company creates and realizes luxurious residential surroundings, focusing on convenience, power and aesthetics based on its clients' wishes by adjusting to the latest trends during their university years.

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Plastic polister records | I??k

Demand for our high-quality HIPS boards is not only from our factories in Turkey, but also from our factories abroad. Comprehensive materials and workmanship know-how ensure that our customers' high requirements are met and trouble-free operation on the assembling line is guaranteed. We only use select ESCR materials (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) for the manufacture of inner shells for refrigerators, which have been specially developed for the extrusion/thermoforming of large appliances.

It is an innovative type of polyester polymer that allows the manufacture of thin fridge linings with a more uniform thick profile and better cracking strength than traditional high strength polyester sins ("HIPS"). ESCR grades also allow significant savings through process and productiveness benefits and enhanced stiffness with less wastage. plastik plastik. com supplies over 3000 tonnes of a year of high-performance high-performance packaging to the world's top fridge-makers.

The HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) is the most flexible plastics plate that guarantees problem-free workmanship, offers flexible shaping, increased shock strength and tremendous costeffectiveness. This is the ideal choice for use in a range of high performance materials for low budget machines and silk screens. The HIPS is used in a multitude of different areas, from laminating doors in bathrooms to bathtubs and showers, from sales display units to suitcases for cars and furnishings.

HIPS are produced with advanced ESCR (Environmental Stress Crack Resistance) resin to satisfy the high demands of the manufacturer. Our boards are characterized by high shock toughness, good stretch and thermal dimensional stability as well as better dry-stability, especially against PU-foams. In order to be able to complete their design, the furnishing sector needs thermo-formable, lacquerable, impact- and chemically stable and yet economical material.

Highly impact-resistant polystyrol plates fill the void. All of our customer-specific colour plates can be tailored to meet customers' requirements. With our special structured back walls made of grey polystyrol we are serving the snapframe area. The HIPS is also a favourite option in the plumbing sector for the production of bathtubs and sinks, where the best advantage is taken of the materials physics and aesthetics.

Its outstanding pickling properties protect it from most cleaning agents. Due to their outstanding properties, high-impact PS types are used in a broad field of application in the automobile industry:

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