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Select a landmark or attraction in Kalaw, Myanmar and find the best hotel rates nearby. After the lifting of Western sanctions, Myanmar has become a magnet for tourists. Cheap hostels in Myanmar with good availability and good prices. It is one of the holiest places in Bago and is full of legends. Maps of Myanmar.

Lots of Mawlamyine attraction for you, Burma travel guide

Myanmar's 4th largest town ( "Mawlamyaing" or "Moulmein") is also known as the 4th largest town in Myanmar (or Burma). It is located 300 km South East of the Yangon and 70 km to the south of Thaton at the Thanlwin River estuary. It is the most important trade centre and sea port in south-east Myanmar.

It is the state' s biggest metropolis and main administrative centre. It is estimated to have 326,000 inhabitants, but the actual size of the small towns. What do tourists think of Myanmar, Mavlamyine, Myanmar? First, the new arrivals must know that the ancient houses in the village of Marlamyine were built in times of colonialism.

There are quiet roads in the town where you can visit the village market and sample the cuisine. It is always a pleasure for the moon state's delightful capitol to welcome visitors from all over the world who have a great interest in worshiping the Buddha and taking pictures of beautiful photographs of isles, roads and burrow.

Mawlamyine country has many interesting things to do. In Kyauktalon Taung the most important tourist attraction should always be a brief stay to see the largest Buddha in the hospital. This imposing complex is only about 20 km southwards of the town.

If you want to get to the Kyaikkami Nile, you can take the dam to get to the Kyaikkami Nile. There are many possibilities for photography and filming at Mawlamyine attractions. It is a town itself that delights visitors from all over the world with its historic and sacred sights.

A visit to the wonderful marvellous peaks along the picturesque trails allows visitors to keep away from stress and melancholia. Opposite the sea westward of the island of Mawlamyine there is the island of Bilu. Cruising from the port of Manlamyine is a funny one. Head southwards from the city of Myanbyuzayat, where the Allied War cemetery is located, about 60 km from the city.

Today, visitors can get to Thanbyuzayat by coach or rail from Mawlamyine. It takes about an hours to get there.

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