Play what the Fox say

Playing what the Fox says

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Manual'The Fox (What does the fox say?)' by Ylvis

How about the fox? How about the fox? Wha-pa p-a p-a p-a p-a pah pa power! ...What does the fox say? ...What does the fox say?...What does the fox say? ...Your coat is nice..... How about the fox? What does the fox say? What does the fox say?

What does the fox say? The Fox's secrets...... antique enigma.... You' re trying to hide... What's your soundtrack? Always a riddle... what do you say? We will ever know what your soun....... I decide to transliterate this tune without a capod. Set your guitars in default tune and use the accords shown on this page, and you can play the album.

So if you still can't play bar treble accordions, try a fourth-band capodaster - which would mean that C#m becomes Am, B becomes G, F# becomes F and A becomes F. This is how I play the introduction to this track on a guitars.

It is one of my primary objectives to make sure that I can catch the low frequencies I hear at the beginning of each bar (which introduce the C sharp, B sharp and F sharp chords). I have the greatest tip is to play the fourth fret as you play this overall thing if you allows you to keep your general hand-stance in the same relative point.

Do you also realize that you always play on the C# Danish dial? Of course, use this as a guide and play it the way you want - if you want to play it at all. This is the offical musical clip if you are interested in listening to the offical one.

So if you want to know how to play that on the electric piano, watch this one. "Fox, what does he say? Every track was added by me in person. Ever since I began to play the guitars over 10 years ago, I have often been disappointed by the overweight of average and imperfect lyrics that are scattered across the web.

In order to fight this, I began to keep my own compilation of memos on every track I was learning - always with the added amount of gel to ensure that precision and integrity are never affected. Many years later, my library was growing so much that I knew I had to divide it up with other emerging musicans.

Here I am sharing my own handmade musical score with everyone who is on line.

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