Planning a Trip to Myanmar

Plan a trip to Myanmar

But I knew that the journey would be more important before it even began. Burma is one of the least known countries in Asia. Tailor-made, private trips tailored to your needs. Everything you need to know for the ultimate Myanmar trip. Do you need help planning your trip to Myanmar?

The ultimate guide to plan your journey of your dreams to Myanmar

Myanmar, although as scenic and quaint as much as Asia, is still one of the most unexplored travel destination in the whole wide expedition! If you are thinking about making Myanmar your next destination or haven't even thought about it, this guidebook will hopefully provide inspiration and help you organize your itinerary.

To enter Myanmar, a permit is required unless you come from one of the 7 excluded nations (Thailand (by plane), Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Indonesia, Laos) and travel only for up to 14 nights. When you are not coming from these lands or travelling for a longer period of touring, you must obtain a prior visitor permit, as you cannot obtain a visitor's permit upon your return!

There are only commercial and one or two types of tourism permits available on certain routes and at certain airport. A eVisa permits a one-time stay of up to 28 nights, although you will have to travel to certain destinations. However, the chilly thing is that they can be made out within 5 working day (including a fee) and are available for 3 month from the date of issue.

It is important to always research in advance when you apply for a visas! In this way you can ensure that your identity card is for the right period (6 month for Myanmar) and verify that your citizenship is suitable for the type of visas you require. There is also enough timeframe to resolve these problems and ensure that your visas arrive on schedule!

Burma is known for being hard to get to once. Even though the coach is a cheaper way to get around if you have the agility of traveling in your own country, domestic air transport is the most secure, fast and dependable way. Whichever your priorities are, be it the lowest cost airlines or managed package tours, the airline's website and what they are offering could tell you a great deal about them.

With, for example, they provide many celebrated travel deals, but for totally reasonable rates, unlike the rip-off travel rates that we are used to. They are also conducted by regional travel agents who are unable to access a worldwide clientele on their own, which usually means they are more authentic.

Native fishermen will be out most of the early hours of the mornings to pose for a classical fishing snap shot (with the caution that they are expecting a "tip"). At the same elapsed times you will see how the locals do that. Kiev ($17) for a proper 8-hour full-trip from your travel agency or your accommodation, but it's best to rent a jetty cruiser.

Kiev ($8-10) for a half-day trip with a trip to the swimming fair, which is apparently infrequent. Stores around the villages are only touristic sites, so always 60-70% cheaper! The Kawthaung is a seaside resort on the south tip of Myanmar, known for being like Thailand without really being there.

Strangely enough, Thahtay Kyun is probably the best known and most frequented of the islands, just because of the Andaman Club Resort Hotel, the only truly global gaming venue in Myanmar. The Golden Triangle' - Kengtung between Mong La, on the Chinese and Tachileik, on the Thai borders, is the place to trek and meet the Ann (people with dark teeth) and Akha strains.

Tom, my sibling, was in love with his Myanmar days and said that his journey there was like a journey back in history, as everything was still untouched by it all.

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