Planning a Trip to Myanmar

Plan a trip to Myanmar

From Yangon to Mandalay (like Yangon-Bagan-Inle Lake-Mandalay), then on to Thailand (Bangkok/Chiang Mai) or China (Kunming) or vice versa. Myanmar is a relatively new destination, so planning a trip there can seem confusing. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to get it right. Planning a trip to Myanmar? We've never been to Myanmar and we're confused when we read the forum.

Planning a Journey to Burma from Scratch

Someday I want to go to Burma. While I haven't made it yet, I want to show you how I, as a traveller and as I myself, would like to (!) successfully go there with my favorite sites and blog. So what do I know about Burma? Burma will open its gates to the tourist industry in 2011.

Myanmar is closer than any other colonial state. but I' m not sure why. The first place to go, as with just about anything, would be typing in Google. "Activities in Burma."

As soon as I had some clues where I wanted to go, I wanted to find those who actually were, guys like me with the same budgets and interests, to see how they made it. I can use the quest to look at the messaging panels and posts to see what they say.

I' ve already mentioned how useful the Messageboards were when I was going to Japan, and I would have expected them to be exactly the same with Burma. If you want the most juicy things, just ask me. In this way I can also post my question on the forums and in the commentaries to get concrete responses when I have it.

So I can look in Google to see how much to anticipate, and then track it when I'm up. I' m quite entangled in the blogging community, so I can name a few guys I know were in Burma, among them Becki from Borders of Adventure, Nick and Dariece from Goats on the Road and Marek from Indie Traveller.

I' m doing a fast research on their web pages to see what shows up and to make sure that I've been missing something in my game. When you don't know anyone, you can always go to BlogLovin and do a quest to see what comes of it. I would also do a general Google research for'Travel Blogs Burma' because I really believe that blogging is the best source of information when it comes to travell.

One other good way to look for up-to-date information is to go to Twitter and look for #Burma or another similar, related hash tag. So if you even use Tweetdeck (just another Twitter tool), you can create a feed that follows #burma to see if something interesting comes out while you're still there.

If I have a question about something, I know I can go to them on Twitter and I am hoping they will give me an immediate one. Now, as I have more of an image of where I want to be and what I want to see, I can look at an accomodation.

After all, I really enjoy looking at properties and harbors and imagining that I' m having a great year. But I don't like uk for group outings. To plan a journey to Burma I would take a look at and They' re just about the only places I use.

Except I do a Google-based' hotel in Burma' and then I would simply take all calls. I hope I have already taken up some of your earlier research but if you are going on a journey, you may never have too much information, and sometimes it is comforting that your other projects are confirmed by the evaluations that it is a good one.

Now I have my roughly photocopied and inserted lists of things I want to do in Burma, how to get there and an estimate of what it will be like. I' m looking for something other folks might not have thought of.

I' d like to have a great adventure, because as a traveller I want something to tell you about. Usually I booked flight, lodging, transport as well as activity in this order. You can use these hints for any place you want to go, of course, but Burma just seems a little harder to organize a journey.

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