Planning a Trip to Myanmar

Plan a trip to Myanmar

Never travel on a tour and generally book our flights and hotels in advance. All you need to plan a trip to Burma/Myanmar. Do you need help planning a trip to Myanmar? We will contact you shortly by one of our travel planners. We hope, dear readers, that we will visit Burma to visit the sights and to meditate if possible.

All you need to know to plan a trip to Myanmar

After returning from a trip through Myanmar, Lonely Planet just mentioned Myanmar as one of the best places to be visited in 2017. This is the best part of your visit: Myanmar, also known as Burma, opened to tourists just a few years ago and you will still be able to have a very authentic, unique and enjoyable stay in the state.

Before my trip I read many blog posts and article about Myanmar. So what do I need to have? I would like to give you an updated to help you planning your trip and to give you an idea of important things like visas, funds, detours etc.

You may need to apply for a tourism visas for your stay, according to your nationalities. The best thing to do before your trip is to go on-line to the formal administration page, as things can quickly chang out. Up to now, most South East Asia nationals have been able to travel to Myanmar without a 14-day visas.

Most countries, however, require a visitor permit and there are several options: evisa: If you are interested, you can request a tourism visas on-line on the government's website. You can also obtain a Myanmar embassy in your home country or, if you are already in Southeast Asia and have some free travel times, you can obtain a permit at one of the consulates, e.g. in Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, where you will receive your permit on the same date.

It is a good option to go in mid-season (Oct-Nov, March-April) as you have quite good meteorological conditions and can experience Myanmar without the high population. At the beginning of October we were in Myanmar, just at the end of the rain and it was just great. Backpacker around Myanmar is definitely possible and is getting easier and easier.

So I decided to go on an organised trip with Stray Asia because it contained everything I wanted to see and I really had fun not having to organise everything. What are the most important things you need to take to Myanmar? Don't neglect to take bug repellent with you. Myanmar's sight-seeing is full of temple and pagoda tours that demand a certain dress code.

It is necessary to take off your boots on these sides and protect your knee and shoulder (these are the same for men and women). So, be sure to take a few pairs of boots that are easy to take off, such as slipovers, T-shirts, long trousers/skirts/dresses. On this journey I took a large shawl that was very useful for hiding in the temple or keeping me hot on long coach trips.

Further important things are a first help set, adapter and a camcorder to record your trip. Many blogs and travel guides still say you need to take crunchy new dollars to switch to the Kiyat (local currency) as ATMs where you won't find them anywhere.

I did so before my trip - I went to the bench and exchanged my Euro for Dollars. After arriving in Myanmar, I soon realised that you can find atm's almost everywhere in the big commercials, where you can get exactly the amount you need.

This will save you the trip to your home banking and there is no need to convert your own money into US dollar and then exchange it back into Kyat. And I don't like walking around with a great deal of money either, and I just choose to take the amount I need from the ATM.

However, it is never a mistake to have a little extra dough in your pockets when you travel. Myanmar is where currency is king: you may be able to make withdrawals with your bank cards, but in most places you can only make payments in cas. For a more trustworthy web, I can advise you to get a touristic SMS when you arrive.

As more and more visitors come to Myanmar, there is now a large selection of shelters. Moving around Myanmar can be a bit bewildering at first, but it's definitely a good idea to see all the precious stones this is about. When you want to go to popular places like Yangon, Mandalay, Inle or Bagan, it is actually quite simple and you can make your transport reservations in your accomodation or in a tourist broker.

I took a coach for most of the trips and after traveling a great deal through Southeast Asia, my expectation was not very high. Hopefully I can help you with this Myanmar survivor guide:), please don't be shy. Traveler's Little Treasures was asked by Stray Asia to join them on their pagoda pass, but my mind is as always my own.

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