Planning a Trip to Burma

Plan a trip to Burma

There are three routes to start your planning. Have a look at our tailor-made tours. We have chosen the perfect plan based on our own experience. Be inspired by browsing some of our most popular sample trips below. The most pleasant time to be in Myanmar is generally from November to January.

Plan a Journey to Burma

Burma - or Myanmar* - has been one of the world' s hotest tourist attractions since it opened up to tourists a few years ago. Enchanting cultures and abundant churches, breathtaking sandy beach, historical cities, wonderful landscapes and little known trunks create the feeling that you are exploring a place off the well-trodden paths.

It was 2011 when I had scheduled my journey until the realization that I was with child destroyed the plans. My mini-travel guide in the lead for the last three years has only now enabled me to reorder it - watch out for the upcoming blogs. So if you want to come and see us, here's what you need to know when you' re going to Burma, especially Burma with children.

Any tourist needs a visas to get in and British nationals must apply in advanced. When you plan to use antimalaria drugs outside Yangon and Mandalay. Verify NHS Fit for Travelling for the Malaysian card and detail the required vaccinations, but they are the fairly default listing for this part of the globe - diabetes; hepatitis A; polio; rabies; tetanus and typhus.

From October to December are the coldest of the driest seasons, although they still await warm th, while the temperature rises from February until they reach 40°C in April. While it is possible to fly during the rainy season, some domestic services are strictly confined and seaside resort can be closed. Remember also that you are constrained by the hot weather when travelling with younger kids during the drier seasons.

Also US Dollar are generally acceptable, although it is recommended to change some for smaller shopping. There are no straight UK-Burma services, but there are many large carriers that can take you there with a stop-over at no outlay. When you have a low budgeted flight, Vietnam and Air China are among the lowest, or Malaysia Air, Singapore Air and Korean Air are a little more expensive if you want to make a stop.

When you plan to travel long distances when you come, you must allow for long trips on the roads, consider organized Ayeyarwady cruise trips or take home aviations. Myanmar has several local carriers with different security standards and only a few are highly commended, among them Air Bagan and AirKBZ.

Airplanes have a tendency to circumnavigate the country's most favourite places in a coarse circles, so many itineraries have one trip a days at a stretch, and it may be rewarding to plan your route to make sure you don't travel against the current. They are all quite simple, although the flying hours are hardly ever longer than one hours.

When you travel with younger children, a privately owned transfer between airfields and hotel is worthwhile. The majority of larger accommodations can accommodate these, sometimes for free, others for a charge, according to how far the city is. As an alternative, firms like Tour Mandalay (who have assisted me in organising part of my journey in association with Insider Journeys) can provide riders and guidebook.

Neither of these are likely to furnish automobile seating, but should have A/C and safety harnesses if you are bringing travel booster seating. Busses and coaches are a less expensive and more interesting alternative for older children (or if you are satisfied with smaller on the knees/your own seat). There are still some areas of the countryside that are taboo for visitors, so if you are outside your major tourist destination, check out the latest tips.

You begin here (or Mandalay) and it is recommended to spend at least a few nights in the town. Bogyoke Aung San Market, also known as Scott Market, has 2,000 stands to visit to explore Kandawgyi Lake and take the scenic tour of the town to see more of locals' lives.

This is Bagan - there are still over 2,000 monasteries, and the picture of the stupa in the fog or in the faraway is one of the most famous in the state. When you can't get enough temple, the historical city of Mrauk U is another great stop. You' ll have to prepay a small entrance tax to the Bagan Archaeology Area, which costs from $20, and many monasteries require smaller camerafees.

At Inle Lake - the second of Burma's most famous places, you'll find one-legged fishermen, stilts homes, swimming pools, a walking fair and a temple on the isle. Most of the people who visit this vast town are just on their way through or spend the days, and although there is a multi-cultural flair in the church, temple and mosque among the church, it does not require a long sojourn.

It is still a colder pause in the hottest month, with colorful architectural and botanical garden. Mt. Kyaiktiyo - this is probably just one if you have a lot of spare minute, are older children or Buddhists, as it will take you a few short or long periods to get to the giant gold cliff, which is the big attraction.

The Ngapali is the most advanced part of the coastline, Ngapali is even more untouched and relaxed than most of the Bengal Bay beaches. The Ngwe Saung - a little further down the Ngapali coastline, this is an even less developing one. My sister-in-law, who comes from the countryside, called it Burma, so I do the same.

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