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Myanmar (Burma) Lonely Planet is your passport to the most important and up to date advice on what to see and skip and what hidden discoveries to expect. The Myanmar Astrology recognizes the seven planets: Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Come to the heart of Myanmar and start your journey now! How long before Saturn, Mars and the other planets are visible in the night sky over Yangon, Myanmar? Myanmar Lonely Planet Burma travel guide.

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This is Lonely Planet: Come to the heartland of Myanmar (Burma) and start your trip now! In Lonely Planet's Myanmar (Burma) guides: concealed jewels that most guides miss give you a more rich, worthwhile travelling adventure - inclusive of traditions, religions, history, arts, literary, cinema, musical, architectural, political, scenic and game, and more,

View Lonely Planet's Southeast Asia on a Shoestring Guidebook. Posted and investigated by Lonely Planet, Simon Richmond, Austin Bush, David Eimer, Mark Elliott and Nick Ray. Lonely Planet:

Founding member of Lonely Planet to defend Myanmar Travels

ANGKOK - The creator of one of the world's biggest tour operators on Thursday upheld his much criticised Myanmar tour book, saying that visitors to the military-ruled land do more good than evil. Lonely Planet leader to Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been assaulted by humanitarian groups who say that tourist revenues help the general leaders of the land and dominate many economic areas.

"I' m not going to be an advertising agent for Burma, but going there is more than good," said Lonely Planet CEO Tony Wheeler in an interviewer. He said that many travellers put cash directly in the pockets of individuals in Myanmar, not in the treasury, and also contribute to opening up a largely secluded state.

Said BBC Worldwide, which acquired 75 stakes in his business last year, was also under pressure from reviewers of the text. "When the BBC chooses to pull back the leader, it would be a deal-breaker," said Wheeler, signalling that he would be selling his residual stock. He said the Planet Wheler Foundation has established a healthcare hospital and a number of other relief efforts in Myanmar and intends to increase funding.

A handcrafted tour book named "Across Asia on the Cheap," Wheeler and his family Maureen began their journey by building an Empire of more than 500 tracks, TV production and other travelling items over three and a half years. The Lonely Planet is often referred to as "Backpacker Bibles" and covers practically every land on the planet.

He was in Bangkok to participate in a meeting on travel and climate change, and said the business was getting close to its 100 mil. year. Guidebooks' credence was compromised that months when one of its authors, Thomas Kohnstamm, memoirised that parts of his 2005 Brazilian guidebooks were founded on used information and total invention, in part because the firm did not give him enough cash to research properly.

He said that there was little sign of the revelation and that the Brazil leader was superseded by a new issue. Previously, the firm said that it maintained the precision of its management. You' ve got to keep an eye on your authors," said Wheeler. It'?s up to you.

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