Places to Visit on Thailand

Places to visit in Thailand

Where to Stay flickr/Akuppa. Where to Stay (Pai) flickr/Mark Clay Cooler. The City of Angels (Bangkok) Thailand's capital is certainly a must. Well, Thailand is full of natural treasures just waiting to be explored. Half day Doi Suthep &

Meo Hill Tribe visit to Chiang Mai.

The 10 most important sights in Thailand

A turbulent and messy metropole, Bangkok is an integral part of a journey to Thailand. Though not everyone's thing, the cultural shock-inducing asset has some unbelievable places of interest that should not be overlooked. Those looking for a little excitement will make their way to the famous Khao San Rd backpacking town, the Chinatown streets and alleys and the famous Patpong Night Market (in the city's brightly lit area).

Boasting a unique boutique of the world-famous James Bond classics "The Man with the Golden Gun", the floatin' markets are situated on the Damnoen Saduak Canal in the Bangkok area. Even though the supermarket is an important tourism destination today, it is a photographic place where the visitor can get an impression of what trade was like in Thailand before the modernization of the town.

Surrounded by luxuriant vines, fruit gardens and flourishing locals, the area is also a great place to see a channel boating trip. Chiang Mai is a much calmer and more peaceful than Bangkok, but an indispensable visit if you want to see the best of Thailand.

Featuring a temple, handicraft stores, restaurant and more than a fistful of fine Thailand massages and cookery colleges, the town offers a somewhat relaxing and quiet environment. Chiang Mai is often mentioned by travelers as their favorite Thailand town and once they have been to Chiang Mai it is quite understandable why. Situated high in the northern mountains of Thailand, it is an ideal starting point for mountaineering tours (organized hikes can be organized here very simply, as almost every other store offers them).

Even though the walks from Chiang Mai are interesting, they are often a well-trodden trail and many famous rucksack tourists now make their way to Pai. It is a relaxed small city near the Myanmar boarder that has become a favorite destination for travelers, performers and musicans. Set off on less tourist hikes and more "rustic" mountain tribal outings.

The San Kamphaeng neighborhood is 36 km away from the town of Chiang Mai. This area is home to the beloved and inexpensive thermal spas situated in a quiet 40 acres landscape garden. Come and visit the spa in mineral-rich water, tent in the nearby parks or cook your own egg in the steam baths!

The Koh Samui and Koh Phangan island on the eastern side of Thailand are well loved by tourists and packers alike. They are both famous for their palm-fringed sandy beach, their clear water and their relaxed attitude. Much less tourist due to their more secluded location, these two islets are ideal for those seeking tranquility and top quality scuba-diving.

It is the capitol of the most northern Thai provinces and its closeness to the Myanmar boarder gives it a very different flair than the others. Surrounded by secluded and peaceful mountain town, full of burmesan styled churches and surrounded by fog.

People come here to see the stunning nature, mountains, craft fairs and indigenous peoples - one of which is the Karen Longhaired. Between Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand the Thanon Thongchai Ranges is loved for hiking and attractions are the wonderful six-storey Pha Sua Falls.

A one-hour rail ride from Bangkok, the antique town of Ayutthaya, should be on every visitor's programme. Nowadays, the antique town is in decaying decline, but the remnants of the exceptional and once lofty Temple are UNESCO listed and impressively attractive. It is a tropic heaven characterized by tall chalk rocks, cyan waters and powdery whites of sands. The island of Krabi is a natural beauty with a unique natural environment.

It is a wonderful remote board-only beachside resort that draws a mix of well-known rucksackers, well-to-do travellers and keen mountaineers. Thailand has many lovely sandy areas, but one of a kind is Trainay because it is totally isolated from everyday life - here people step back and usually remain much longer than foreseen.

Among the attractions are boarding a cliffy vantage point to observe the sundown, and renting a long tail dive for snorkelling in the lovely area. Those travelers looking for adventure should drive to Hin Daeng, which is situated in the Andaman Sea. In the truest sense of the word, the Red Rock, this is one of the best dive sites in Thailand - if not in the whole wide open sea.

It is almost not possible to include Thailand's best in a Top 10 ranking, so we must also pay tribute to the beautiful Kood beach, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Khao Yai National Park, the secluded town of Chiang Rai, the luxury Phuket Islands retreat, the culture town of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Kanchanaburi (where the bridge was built on the Kwai River) and the blessed Koh Lanta.

If you are an enthusiast you should also plan a visit to the wonderful Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary in northern Thailand. Come visit some of Thailand's luckiestelephants, we assure you that you won't be sorry! You can' get enough of Thailand? There are also a number of fun and unconventional hotel accommodation in Bangkok, 15 of Thailand's most scenic isles and 10 of Thailand's best unexplored isles.

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