Places to Visit near Yangon

Sights near Yangon

With just one day, of course, when we didn't have enough time to see them all. View our Yangon photos from our last trip to Myanmar. Finally, one of my favorite places in all of Yangon. Investigation of the Shwedagon Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar/Burma over beet core journeys. As we know that many Yangonites also go to Chiang Mai, I thought it would be worth writing some reviews of places we visit on vacation.

In and around Yangon for one weekend

When you only have one weekend in Burma, it is best to stay in Yangon or Rangoon. Stay in the Yangon area and let the remainder for another while. In many ways, Yangon is what used to be Southeast Asia, making it a great place to go. You can take a Rangoon River boating trip, take a scenic Circle Rail trip, walk the roads of Chinatown, explore ancient architectural heritage and enjoy the city' s city.

In a platoon. There are also some great ways to make a few quick trips from the town to places close by such as Bago and the Golden Rock or Pathein and the Irrawaddy Delta. When you have a few more working hours, visit the Bay of Bengal in Ngwe Saung or Chaung Tha.

Suggestions for Yangon and surroundings: Visit the city centre, the Sule Pagoda, Chinatown and the old Strand Road. There are several styles of Rangoon River beach cruises on the Rangoon River, so go to the pier to explore them. Stage 2: A good way to see the back of the city centre and talk to nice natives is a trip on the Circle Train.

Throughout the day, it takes about three hour for a round tour. Otherwise, a local bus will take you to dinner in the afternoon, after which you can wander through the scenic gardens of Kandawgyi. Drive into the twilight to enjoy the views and then take a brief cab journey to the magnificent Feel Rest.

Rangoon River at sundown. Taste the upscale Sakura Tower or go to the top level of the Asia Plaza Hotel if you're not concerned about decoration or services, but want a great and unobstructable panorama. Go to Fiftyth Street Bar for a meal or a drink to see how the Expats are spending their afternoons.

4th day: Drive eastwards to Bago and the Golden Rock. At 08:00 take the 8:00 a. m. trains to Bago, where you can visit the Bago Star Hotel on Kyaikpun Pagoda Road to hire a bike. A southerly tour from Bago leads you to the "base camp" at the bottom of Kyaiktiyo or the Golden Rock.

One night's lodging allows you to enjoy both sunsets and morning on the rocks, but make sure you make an advance booking as your accommodations are restricted. Sundown at the Golden Rock. Leave four-hour for Rangoon. Have a look at all last-minute purchases or visit websites you have previously overlooked.

It' a tough street, so take three to four to get there. Have a look at the square after which you can hide in a café by the water and observe the river. Please have a look at our proposals for accomodation. Stage 6: You can return either in the sixth or seventh days afternoons, according to your flight schedule.

Even if it doesn't look far on the card, the street is terrible and the buses may need a modification in Pathein, so ask before! Myanmar is suitable for a quick journey with regular flight or a longer, slow journey where you don't get off the ground. However, Burma is a good place to go. If you visit several different places, you can come here a few visits and make interesting excursions.

It is a simple island, with accessible busses, train and airplanes and relatively close by. Most of the people who visit remains on the island, but Borneo is definitely a worthwhile place to spend it. Thin and long, Vietnam looks simple, but walking is sluggish and the distance from A to A can really be a nag.

When you are not on an unlimited journey, you should be careful in your planning. Make sure you review our visas, crossings, and visas section to make sure you're not trying to do the impossibill.

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