Places to Visit in Yangon

Sights in Yangon

It is a pleasant trip to Twante, whether you travel by jeep or ferry. Myanmar states and regions Burma is full of interesting and nice places. The majority of trip targets are enumerated in Destination Wise and Interest Wise order. In Myanmar, there are seven states and seven departments. Every state and every division consists of many other sights.

Burma has large mountains in the northern, oceans in the southern and verdant areas in the centre of the state.

Myanmar for families: What you can do with children in Yangon and beyond

Burma is one of those places we've had on our lists for years, so with a few free day before Christmas we chose to take a few bites, bag up and go on a new five-night outing. Unfortunately we didn't have enough to play the big stars of Myanmar - Inlay Lake, Bagan and Mandalay will have to await a longer voyage - but we did book a plane to Yangon (an easier, 5 hours long voyage, if you fly with children), and then turned around where we could go away from the capitol for a few night to get a flavour of Myanmar, but without burning our children (14, nine and four years old) on a long spontaneous and boring voyage.

Myanmar's kindest rider. Uncle Amo gave me many brief travel suggestions, one of which we could choose before our arrival. We were collected at Uncle Amo's airfield in his funny bus (silver and amber handcrafted seats, people!) and from there we went to Bago (not to be mistaken for Bagan if you book a hotel), which was a 90kmtrip.

On the way we made a stop at Taukkyan War Cemetery, a rest area for British Commonwealth troops who died in Myanmar during the Second World War. The next stop was a great spot in a great Hanthawaddy place (where they serve a nasty fish'n' crisps for our picky kids), and then a serious tour of Bago.

Golden, gilded and more GoldBago is full of coupons, among them the gigantic Shwemawdaw coupon, which is the highest (and probably shiniest!) coupon in Myanmar, with an imposing heigth of 114 meters and many, many chimes. She had to go to the iridescent Kanbawzathadi Golden Palace, constructed in 1551 for King Bayinnaung, who obviously had a penchant for bullion (and gave our daughters great inspiration for her next bedroom).

The Kyaik Pun Pagoda was the next one where we went with four Buddha sculptures and a few sweet pups, and then a trip to a giant Buddha in the Shwethalyaung Pagoda was our last Bago stop-off for the time being. Uncle Amo drove back on the truck (with children wearing out accordingly) the 100 km long trip to our Thuwunna Bumi in Kyaiktiyo, where he stopped the trip with a picnic and a shoppingxpedition.

Luckily, the motel was perfectly (in a rural way). Don't wait for any Wi-Fi or luxury trainings (and definitely no children's clubs!), but this small find had a spacious home room (picture above), a small, recently built swimming Pool (perfect to cool the children down after all that exploring), tonnes of sweet pups, good meals and very cool beers.

Sparkling YangonAnother early'n' shine climb on the third full moon for the journey back to Yangon and then into our town dwelling motel, Clover Suites, for a days chilling around the swimming pool, exploring and generally not doing very much at all. The Kandawgyi Park was a great playground near the hotels where the children stayed with new surrounding children and we liked to meet the animals at the small cattery.

Visit also Pomelo for Myanmar: a not-for-profit Faire Trades creativity business, in which craftsmen can present their goods. We' ve purchased some naughty papier-maché puppy breeds for the children (instead of all the genuine ones they wanted to take home with them). The last whole afternoon in Yangon was an organized excursion with good old Uncle Amo.

It took us to all the pagodas, shrines and temples the town has to boast of, and we were also able to get some great deals at the Bogyoke Market. The last stop of this memorable vacation was the conspicuous Shwedagon pit - Yangon's most glamorous and glamorous view. At about 5 pm we reached the beach, which is the ideal season to capture the day, dusk and night pagodas at sundown.

Nothing is disappointing in Myanmar. This was a truly memorable brief break that the children enjoyed as much as the grown-ups. Myanmar has everything from really welcoming characters to a captivating story, unexpected good cuisine and breathtaking landscapes.

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