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Did you ever visit Myanmar? Myanmar, now Myanmar, spends much time as a colony of Britain, with a capital, Rangoon, now Yangon, by far the largest and most important city in the country. Burma has recently opened its doors to the world, and what jewels it contains. Burma is full of interesting and beautiful places. The most destinations are listed in Destination Wise and Interest Wise order.

Sights in Yangon | Yangon

Burma, now Myanmar, spends much idle ammount of ammunition as a gathering of Britain, with a character character, Rangoon, now Yangon, by far the ample and cardinal municipality of the administrative district. In a way, the years of Myanmar's seclusion have made Yangon a lost town. Over the past few years, the Chinese authorities have chosen to construct a new capitol, Naypyidaw, almost like a new beginning for Myanmar, although the nation's flags have also been altered.

The Yangon is still the biggest and most likely gateway to Myanmar for those who choose to do so. It may have lost its wealth from tourism awareness, but they were all still there and as the land opens, more and more travellers are relishing and seeing Myanmar touring.

There is much to see about Yangon before going to another place in the land, especially the temples: - Shwedagon Paya is the most important place of worship in Myanmar and will probably even be involved on Indochina-trips. Constructed in the sixth century, it has been reconstructed and renovated several places since then, especially after an eighteenth century quake.

It' s a rather casual place, but visitors must be respectable of this and any other place of worship. - Sule Paya is actually a busy street at the most busy crossroads in the city. Constructed 2,000 years ago, it is a striking view. - Mailamu Paya on the edge of Yangon lies on a large plot of ground on which a number of Buddha sculptures depict her life.

There are other faiths in Yangon too; St. Mary's is quite nasty, but inside there are some spectacular woodcarvings, and the Holy Trinity cathedral is an English style church constructed by the Brits. Elsewhere there are some beautiful parklands to help you get over the hustle and bustle of Yangon.

Myanmar is best visited during the four month period on both sides of Christmas, when it rarely rains and the temperature is the most tolerable. Zoological sites were constructed by the British in the early twentieth century, while other places to be visited are Mahabandoola Garden and its Rosegardens and the Independence Monument as well as People's Park with its giant fountains and muse.

The city has two inner-city ponds, Inya, a wealthy area within the city and Lake Kandawgyi in northeast Yangon, and if you have a moment, you can go to the National Museum, where you can find out more about the histories of Burma and Rangoon.

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