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Khao Sok National Park (accommodation) Ayuthaya (accommodation) Kanchanaburi (accommodation) Chiang Mai (accommodation) Expand your search. The temple of the lying Buddha (Wat Pho) Bangkok. We' ve got reviews of the best places in Thailand to see. When you are a wanderlust baby like me, your heart is always painful to her and travel. It is a small town in the southwest of Thailand and a good place to visit all the islands along the coast.

Thailand's 35 best sights

Famous for its marvellous cuisine, old temple, wonderful sandy beach, pulsating night life and much more, one could be spending years to explore the whole of Thailand. When you are considering making Thailand your next holiday destinations, but don't know which places to visit, this is the place to be. Here is a shortlist of the best places in Thailand to help you find the perfect place in the country of smile.

We' ve split this shortlist into five areas, so if you already know which area you' re going to, you can click on the area below and it will take you to the best places to visit. So, without further fuss, here is our selection of the best places to visit in Thailand.

We talk much more than the ditch that surrounds the old broken down ramparts. Featuring around 300 shrines in this one town, which dates back to 1296, one cannot help but sense the higher energies that pulsate through this busy old north Thai beaut. Every visit to Chiang Mai is different.... and gracious.

Walkers make their way to the highest point of the town on the Doi Suthep - a magic place in itself, but also the ideal place for a bird's perspective. Get your binocular and your own cameras as you drive to the highest point in Thailand. The highest peak in Thailand, Doi Inthanon, lies 2,565 metres above the surface in Chiang Mai in the Doi Inthanon National Park.

There are many natural attractions and the parks itself are surrounded by luxuriant forest of pines, mixes and rainforests. There are several falls throughout the whole area, most of which are easy to access and one even has a camping site. Natural paths and parks are still a popular excursion destination, and the theme parks are also becoming increasingly popular with birds.

Phra Mahathat Naphamethanidon and Naphapholphumisiri, the two cheedis, constructed by the Royal Thai Air Force in honour of the King's and Queen's sixtieth birthday, are beautiful places to stop and take photographs. Chiang Dao has so much to do - climb Thailand's third highest mountain, climb the countless luxuriant footpaths, take 500 paces through the jungles to Wat Tham Pha Plong, browse through caves, unwind in warm water sources and refresh yourself under a waterfall backdrop.

It is one of the best places in Thailand for those who like nature and are less frequented by the masses than Chiang Mai and Pai. At the moment Chiang Dao is a tranquil country city with a stunning backdrop of wonderful calcareous rock.

When you want to leave the well-trodden paths and explore the true Thailand, the towns of Mae Sariang and Mae Hong Son are some of the best places in Thailand. There is a great variety of outdoor pursuits in the surrounding hills, such as walking tours to indigenous peoples, cave exploration and visits to cascades.

If you want to discover this wonderful area, the best way is to rent a bicycle and ride at your own speed. It can be completed in four or five working nights, but you should seriously consider spending a few more working nights to get the most out of this area. It is a nice but controversial tourist resort in the north of Thailand.

Diving a little lower, renting a bicycle or roller coaster and exploring the surrounding area of Pai will pamper you with some of the best Thailand has to offer in the area. Chiang Rai earns at least a few nights in your Thailand plan if you like unusual adventure, great outdoors, good eating and cultural activities.

There are of course wonderful buddhistic churches to visit, but if you feel torn out of the church, the White House (Wat Rong Khun) will be a welcome blast for your system. This is by far the weirdest and most singular of Thailand's churches. Constructed by Chiang Rai-born Thai painter Thawan Duchanee to depict the dark in the world.

These two unbelievable, weird places to discover and then go out into the wild to visit cascades, trek and savour the pristine jungles. To get a closer look at the tribal people in Thailand, visit the Hill Tribe Museum. It is also a good starting point for exploring further the north of Thailand and places like the Golden Triangle, where the illegal trafficking of opianum between Myanmar, Laos and Thailand disappeared.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site Sukhothai Historical Park includes the remains of Sukhothai, the former capitol of the Sukhothai Kingdom. Sukhothai lies 7 hours by coach from Bangkok and is a must if you are travelling to Thailand. Cycling around the outskirts of Sukhothai will take you back to Thailand's glorious past, while you visit apparently pristine remains.

As well as the remains of king's palace, the gardens themselves consist of ditches, gate buildings and buddhistic shrines. The best preserved part, with its five areas, is the central zone, where the remains are located in a truly scenic setting between small ponds, small footbridges and islets.

Concerning the monasteries, Wat Mahathat is the principal one ( "and probably the most spectacular") with several huge Buddha-figurines. Featuring so much historical and scenic sights, Sukhothai Historical Park should be on everyone's itinerary. Enter another realm at Phanom Rung Historical Park.

You will find a resting vulcano in the Isaan-Area. At the edge of this volume is one of the most important and splendid Khmer temple in Thailand. During the yearly event, a truly mystic event is waiting for you. As well as this unique view, you can also have a northeast Thai or Isaan-style folk diner and attend a variety of culture shows and demonstrations.

At first glance, Khon Kaen is a town like many others in Thailand. There are the customary abundance of chapels, but one is particularly noteworthy. In the north-eastern part of the Thai province of Loei, Chiang Khan considers himself on an easy, rustic and less frequented road in this area.

Stuffed with wonderful scenery, the wonderful Mekong River and colourful townships like Chiang Khan, it is definitely one of the best places in Thailand if you want something special and far away from all the sights. It is definitively off the well-trodden paths, but it is well deserved to visit Chiang Khan and the province of Loei if you want to enjoy the true Thailand and the warm Thai welcome.

Favourite destinations in this area are the Mekong and a beautiful boat trip on the renowned Mekong, the old parts of Chiang Khan with a visit to the temples, the Chiang Khan Nightshow, the Phu Ruea National Park overlooking the whole provinces and Tai Dam Village - an authentically Lao town.

In spite of its easy access from Bangkok, Koh Kut (also called Koh Kood) is free of the masses and overdevelopments that afflict some of Thailand's most beloved isles. Kood doesn't really have much to offer, and it's definitely a more rural adventure, but that's part of its charms and that's why it's one of the best places in Thailand.

Conversely, the northwestern edge of Koh Kood is home to Soneva Kiri, a place so exclusively reserved for Bangkok residents who come in a personal airplane and are as insulated as if no one else on the isle. Just 200 kilometres from Bangkok you will find the perfect place for tourism and local people.

Because there is less rain than the remainder of East Thailand, you can enjoy more hours on one of the 16 sands. Sai Kaew & Ao Hin Khok, where partying, barbecueing and fire fighting take place.

Besides the lively night life, the tasty food and the pleasure of water sports make the islands a real highlight for those who are fortunate enough to explore it. Although it is the nearest to Bangkok, part of the beauties of Koh Samet is that it still preserves its jungles inside and the islands remain beautifully undeveloped.

Known as "Elephant Island", Koh Chang is Thailand's second biggest isle. Because Koh Chang is mostly shrouded in rain forest, it is one of the best places in Thailand for anyone who enjoys jungles and wild animals and breathtaking canyons. Although it is a large isle, it is not nearly as crowded as places like Phuket or Koh Samui, so you can explore the beach without the crowd.

To ensure most of your private sphere, you will want to visit anywhere between the end of May and the end of October. Besides the rain forest, Koh Chang is also a hilly isle for the adventuresome walker. Koh Chang's robust nature makes it a favourite for anyone who comes to the area. It is located in Chanthaburi, about four long minutes from Thailand, about four long minutes from Bangkok and next to Cambodia.

It is not a place that is at the top of the travelers' lists because most people don't know about it. The Chanthaburi is the true Thai restaurant in Thailand, with most restaurants on the waterside serving only Thai food. And Ao Krathing gives you a sense of what a remote Thailand coast is like (apart from a few monkeys).

And Bangkok is by far one of the best places in Thailand. It is a great place to jump on cheap planes to the remainder of Southeast Asia and a town that will always amaze people. Wonderful swimming fairs, channels, palaces as well as temple adorn the capitol, and there is no lack of activities.

Well-known as the temple of the lying Buddha, Wat Pho, the Great Palace and Wat Arun are regarded as the most sacred places of the town. There is one thing not to miss in the Thai capitol that is the amazing meal. Whether top restaurant or road cuisine, Bangkok has something to offer for every tastes and purse.

One of the best things to do in Bangkok is a road cooking outing. Throughout Chinatown, a trip that takes you through some interesting places of interest combined with tasty meals is a great way to discover more about the story, cultures and way of living of this unbelievable town - not to speak of the best of Thailand's cooking.

It is also a good way to learn about Southeast Asian road life by teaching you how to choose the best places to dine. Lopburi, a historical former Thai capitol near Bangkok, has two major features. First, it is full of remains, complete with old churches and apartments scattered throughout the city center.

However, some think they don't look very neat or sound, so you can choose for yourself:). Apes are always interesting to observe, and if you toss in some old chapels, you will have one of Thailand's most singular places.

Most of Lopburi can be seen in one go, but it's a good idea to stay a couple of nights to get to know the temple before the Bangkok itineraries. The Ayutthaya is an important historical place in Thailand, and one that should be on every Thailand-Travelplan! From 1350 to 1767 Ayutthaya was the empire of Thailand.

Several of the once stately churches are little more than a heap of stones, others are still in the process of being renovated. A lot of sanctuaries are still in use, so be polite when you visit these pages! Whilst there are many monasteries in the area, some you definitely want to try out are Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon, Wat Mahathat and Wat Phra Si Sanphet.

Hua Hin is the ideal place in Thailand, about two hrs from Bangkok, but still situated on the coast. One of the oldest seaside towns in Thailand. It is a family-friendly city that is not only nice but also very remote. There are also many different types of sandy areas in Hua Hin.

Calm sandy whitewater shores, restaurant and even a pinewooded sandy spot, so there is something for everyone. Besides the sandy areas you will also find several sanctuaries in Hua Hin and Kaeng Krachan, Thailand's biggest natural area. However, don't go out of this lovely town without having fun with the night life and the cuisine.

Hua Hin, like every other town in Thailand, has a fantastic overnight fair and a lively shopping area. It also hosts a fashionable Oceanside Beach Club, which will take you on a gastronomic trip and serve you great drinks. Situated in a picturesque hilly region, these vines are located just outside the town.

Bicycle and savour the exquisite Thailand wines and the scenic Salsa Wines Bar & Bistro. When you want to leave the bustling Bangkok or the congested Phuket beach, a journey to Hua Hin will emphasize your shortlist of the best places in Thailand.

One of the best swimming pools in Thailand is located in Amphawa. Bangkok natives and inhabitants mix with a variety of visitors, walk the highways, take boating trips and enjoy some of the freshness of Thai sea food. A few hrs from Bangkok, Amphawa is a good base for a full days out from your Bangkok Youth hostel or Bangkok hotels, you can even visit Damnoen Saduak in the early mornings, and Amphawa in the later afternoons.

When you have more free day, we suggest you stay a few nights in Amphawa to explore the area' s unspoilt fields and water ways. Approximately 90 mins from Bangkok, the Maeklong Railway is one of the best places in Thailand to experience both the mad umbrellas and the unparalleled view of the city.

It is a unique event that you should definitely have on your Thailand trip. When you want to be off the well-trodden paths in Thailand, then Kanchanaburi is the place for you. It is only 2-3h from Bangkok and easy to reach by coach or rail. Apart from its recent bloodied past, Kanchanaburi is also home to some of Thailand' wonderful nature reserves and breathtaking Thailand.

Nearby in Sri Nakarin you can swim in warm water and observe Thailand's indigenous fauna, which includes very sweet, sluggish loris. Erawan, called after the three-headed bull in Hindu legend, is one of Thailand's most celebrated natural reserves. In the western part of the state, about three hour's driving from Bangkok, the reserve offers many miracles for those looking for a enjoyable outing.

Hikers will find a few paths and those with an adventure spirit can discover each of the four caverns in the reserve, which includes Mi Cave, meaning "bear cave". But undoubtedly the gem of the reserve is the astonishing seven-level cascade that plunges through the luxuriant woodland bubbling over lime cliffs through gorgeous green swimming pool and small, lively waters.

Only a few hrs northerly of the colourful mess of Bangkok and yet apparently a whole wide globe away, lies the pristine Thai Nationalpark. There' ll be plenty of parkrangers who will be happy to let you hop into the back of their pickup trucks and many of the visitors will take you when they get a seat.

Known as Turtle Iceland, Koh Tao is a small islet off the eastern Thai coastline near the Koh Pha Ngan isle. It is a calmer and more ripe place where you can find a place for yourself in one of the many sand bays. However, what attracts most divers to Koh Tao is scuba because it is one of the least expensive places in the whole wide globe to get certification.

With irresistibly charming night life, many Thailand and abroad dining and breathtaking viewpoints, Koh Tao is the place to be. Right off the coastline lies Koh Nang Yuan, the only three sandy islets in the canal. It is easy to get to the viewpoint from here to see how the sands link the island and Koh Tao itself.

It is a tranquil and easily accessible tropic haven, with a relaxed feeling that encourages the visitor to always remain longer than expected. While Koh Samui offers everything you are used to from Thailand, many people still enjoy the relaxed, hipy-like atmosphere that Koh Samui radiates.

Rent a long tail boats and visit some of the nearest archipelago and even lonely sandy spots like Koh Taen or take a full days out with your own rider or motorcycle. The South Chaweng or the calmer Lamai are good places to spend the night on Koh Samui. Kh pha ngan is the Thai Isle, known for full moon parties and drunk backpack tourists.

But the real charm of this "crystal island" is far away from Haad Rin, the epicentre of the partyscape. The north-western side of the isle is a relaxed haven where hippy vibrations, awareness and Yoga prevail. It' s an exaggeration that this place is a vegan, hiker and motorcycle adventurer's nightmare, with its stimulating uncooked cocoa sweets, delicious waterfalls and vibrant mountains.

While you dare to go northerly, the beach becomes calmer and more untouched. Spend a whole afternoon exploring the eastern shore of the islands and don't miss stopping at a dragonfruit and coir milksmoothie and the most exquisite pad Kra-Prao-Moo for mileage.

Similan Island is a group of 11 small island off the western shore of the south. The Similan islets are at the top of the best places to visit in Thailand for those discoverers and scuba diver who enjoy wild animals and secluded places. Really sandy and truly unbelievable sandy shores with crystalline waters and unbelievable vantage points, these archipelagoes were in the past typical examples of reef life and are several million years old.

Koh Similan, the biggest of them, is the touristic highlights of these beautiful beaches as it is one of the top diving sites in Thailand. During the 6 month of the year they are open, the archipelago can become bustling, so it is best for you to spend the night camping. Around 15.00 o'clock all daily visitors set off and there are only a few camper on these paradisiacal isles.

There is little contamination of sunlight because the small islets are so far from the coast. When you choose to organize a camp from Khao Lak, you will be taken to the beach by snorkel boat and picked up the next afternoons. They are also an ever more desirable tourist spot, and with something to do for everyone, you will not want to miss this spot while you are in Thailand.

It is home to a truly unparalleled civilization, unbelievably fine sandy shores, genuine food and excellent marine outlooks. It is easy to explore the whole area by motorcycle, giving you the liberty to explore everything at your own speed. Big Buddha is an unbelievable 45 meter high treasure made of Burma jademarble with a view of the cities of Chalong, Kata Beach and Karon Beach and is definitely the climax of the Isle!

All of Phuket's south shore areas are definitely deserving of a visit, but for a truly exceptional snorkelling experience you should visit the Ao Sane shore at the very bottom of the isle. If you want delicious Thailand cooking and unlimited groceries, visit the Naka Weekend Market near Phuket. Lines on lines of stands serve delicious Thailand delicacies at great value, and several long corridors of stores crowded together are full of inexpensive goods for the enthusiastic collectors.

Koh Lanta is really a jewel in Thailand, but it won't take long. It is not only a great place for all your favourite water sports, but also the welcoming natives, the colourful sundowns, the sandy beach and the remote natural reservations will consolidate their place on your shortlist of the best places in Thailand.

Famous for its lovely landscape, the best way to explore the isle is by motorcycle. Most of the Muslims on this isle live from fishery, not from supplying the tourist, so there are only a few hostels and guest houses, which vary from budgets to the middle class.

Travellers who make the hike are awarded with deserted shores, a relaxed atmosphere and perhaps even the monitors that are known for roaming the isle. The small islet you' ve never even seen is at the top of your shortlist of the best places in Thailand.

Since there are no automobiles on the isle, it is easy to walk. There are four major sands on Koh Lipe, one of which points in each of them. More than 60 guest houses have opened their gates to the public, from simple accommodation to resort accommodation. You will not only be in the midst of desert inhabited isles, but you can also visit the Tarutao National Marine Park off the shore.

The adventure clashes with the natural environment to achieve excellence in Khao Sok National Park. Discover Thailand's biggest jungle area and see part of the oldest periwinkle jungle in the whole wide open space (yes, it is even older than the Amazon rainforest). It is not only extremely varied when it comes to flora and fauna, but can also be easily reached from close by places such as Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi and Khao Lak.

So many good reason to visit Khao Sok National Park that we can name only a few. You will have to find out the remainder during your visit. The Khao Sok National Park is the home of elephant, solar bear, gaurian and many other game.

Landscape and countryside are at their best in Khao Sok National Park, and you will certainly be sorry if you come by without a visitor. Throughout Thailand it is one of the best places. Situated on a wonderful sandy spot amid dramatically rocky limestones, this is what Thailand is dreaming of.

It is a beautiful tropic heaven, a great vacation in Thailand, full of great sights. But perhaps the best thing to do is to take a long tail row to distant places in the Andaman Sea. It is often considered an islet because it can only be reached by ferry, but it is on the shore.

Karstic is one of the most dramatic places for the large climbers to get to the top (pun-ny?), and the beaches are for everyone to relax and savour from the tropic warm. Tonsai is definitely one of the best places in Thailand if this is your kind of music.

It is perhaps one of Thailand's most popular isles, mainly because of the blockbusters - the beach. It is not a group of 6 Phi Phi Phi Phi islets, where Koh Phi Phi Don is the largest, and this is the only one where you can spend the night.

Maya Bay, which is located on the smaller Phi Phi Phi Leh islet, is actually the site of the famous one. Due to the film' s appeal, Maya Bay is usually full of ships and visitors from 10am to 4pm, but you can really experience the islands for yourself if you find a ship that will take you here at 7am.

Aside from Maya Bay, there is a great deal to do on this archipelago. There are also the smaller ones - Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island. Just 90 minutes by boat from Phuket or Krabi, the scenic Koh Phi Phi Phi is really a great place for your Thailand outing.

In case there are any places we have missing on our shortlist of the best places in Thailand, don't hesitate to let us know in the commentaries below!

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