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Taunggyi tourist attractions. Hill Stations Trekking. Daunggyi, an ideal place to visit Taunggyi, Myanmar. The best things in Taunggyi, Myanmar with photos, attraction map & a detailed guide.

Explore hidden attractions, cool sights and unusual things in Taunggyi, Myanmar (Burma), from the Shwe Indein Pagoda to the Floating Gardens of Inle Lake.

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Taunggyi offers a number of interesting things to do. Ranging from historic places to major tourist spots, browse the complete listing of Taunggyi's other popular tourist destinations. Come and see new places of interest and find something special near Taunggyi. Don't miss these fantastic places in Taunggyi. Find out about the schedule of tourist and activity offers in and around Taunggyi.

This will help you planning a great journey to Taunggyi. Taunggyi's main sights include - The best you can do in Taunggyi and its surroundings, the most important sights such as historic sights, nature sights, adventure and entertaining activity, restaurants and drinks. Equipped with everything you can do in Taunggyi, addresses, critiques, facts, pictures of travelers and more.

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The capital and largest town of Myanmar Burma, Shan State, Taunggyi is located on Thazi-Kyaingtong Road at 4,712 ft., just north of Shwenyaung and Inle Lake within the Myelat region. Daunggyi is the fifth largest town in Myanmar and is scheduled to have 380,665 inhabitants by 2014.

Tazaungmon is known for its annual warm weather expansion party on the full lunar days of Tazaungmon. Taunggyi in Myanmar is the name for "colossal mountain" and is given after the border in the eastern part of the Shan Hills Frameworks, whose distinctive highlight is Taung-chun or "The Spur".

Local this prickly soup is mainly known as Phaya Taung. The Taunggyi is the mixture for the Myelat region of Shan State. As in much of Myanmar, the influence of Buddhism is most evident in the presence of Buddhist religions throughout the town. However, as a moderate new town, the religions are not of central importance and not unique in structural terms.

In addition, there is a critically minded population of Christians, since the centre of the Catholic Archdiocese of Taunggyi, St. Joseph's Cathedral and the associated University of Theology, are the school boards and a Baptisturch. Both churches were constructed by early masters.

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