Places to Visit in Myanmar Yangon

Sights in Myanmar Yangon

From the bustle of downtown Yangon to the floating villages and gardens of Inle Lake, all kinds of destinations are always ready to be experienced. Burma is known for its remarkable beauty and elegance. Visit Shwedagon Pagoda, one of Yangon's main attractions. It is the largest city and the gateway to Myanmar. Thinking about visiting Myanmar but don't know where to start?

Archives of Yangon

An extensive route for Yangon tourists that highlights the sights of the former Myanmar capitol. Myanmar's biggest town may be Yangon, but spending a whole days there makes it clear that it is different from other major towns in the area. Are you new to Myanmar? That' s why Myanmar is the next best thing to happen in Southeast Asia.

There are 13 pictures to show you why Myanmar is a photographic land. The Myanmar National Airlines (MNA) has just started its maiden voyage from Yangon to Singapore. Burma has recently opened its gates to the outside worlds, and what jewels it holds. Some of the places to go to in Myanmar are the famed Bagan and Yangon and the less well known Shan state.....

Burma has opened up to tourists in recent years, making it another stop on the pits for travelers to explore Southeast Asia. Whilst Myanmar's marvelous panorama of the pagoda is known to drain away with extreme splendour, how many folks know about his Kyauktan or Ka Htein perform? Myanmar is full of cultural heritages and a breathtaking exhibition of art.....


Burma is known for its extraordinary natural beauties and sophistication. Myanmar has traveled to Myanmar from all over the globe to experience its many exquisiten. As the largest continent on the Southeast Asian continent, Myanmar certainly has the most wonderful places in the whole wide globe with 678,500 sqkm.

Being a few day trip to this breathtaking Asiatic land is certainly a worthwhile trip. Myanmar has many places that most holidaymakers like to go to. Yangon, also known as Rangoon, the nation's capitol, has one of the best destinations in Myanmar. Here are some of the best places to see on Myanmar's travels:

Shweedagon Pagoda - located in Yangon, Myanmar; thought to be the most renowned edifice within the city for its singular cone-shaped characteristics. Reconstructed by the monks, an ethnical group from Myanmar, between the 6th and 10th c.. Holidaymakers come here to experience the extraordinary beauties of this singular setting.

The Dusit Inya Lake - a beautiful seaside spa in Kaba Aye, Yangon Pagoda Street, only 15 min from the city centre. It' a place to relax and enjoy the great, amazing thing about Viajes Myanmar. Setting sun by the sea is the most visited tourist destination in Dusit Inya where you can see the good setting sun, which is a great place to go after a full-time trip to Yangon.

You should also go to the Myanmar Nationwide Musuem on a trip to Myanmar - on Pyay Street, Yangon Myanmar. It houses Myanmar's historical collectables and artefacts, along with Myanmar's "King Throne", the bronzes of the Fathers of the Kingdom of Myanmar, especially King Bayinnaung; King Anawrahta, King of the First Myanmar Kingdom; and King Alaung Min Tayar, King of the Third Myanmar Kingdom. Alaung Min Tayar is the creator of the Second Myanmar Empire.

In addition, the visitor can take a look at Myanmar's national artefacts with their collection of high-quality works of art made of unadulterated golden. Chaung Thar Seashore - a recently opened Myanmar coast, only 6 hrs by car from Yangon City. There is a breathtaking panoramic sight of the coast of Viajes Myanmar, with a chilly, relaxed wind where you can relax.

The mornings tide list here is fresh, which I am sure Myanmar travellers will like. Bungalows for rent from the other side of the shore provide a place for guests to stay and relax. Some of the best places to see in Yangon, Myanmar. Yangon, Myanmar travellers may be fortunate to explore the miracles that Yangon, Myanmar has to offer. Myanmar is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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