Places to Visit in Myanmar Yangon

Sights in Myanmar Yangon

And Yangon is one of the safest cities in the world. Burma is a wonderful place and always needs visits. When we started our descent to Yangon, we looked out the windows of the plane and marveled at Myanmar before landing. Myanmar must be one of the best places in Myanmar! Night markets in Myanmar are phenomenal, especially in Yangon.

Twenty-five activities in Yangon on your first journey

Yangon, the former capitol of Myanmar, is the principal gate to this lovely South East Asia state. Yangon's most important touristic attraction is the pagoda, but Myanmar is also known for good eating, such as mohinga (rice noodles in seafood soup), coconuts, and laphat thote (tea lettuce). Here are the top 25 activities to do during your stay in Yangon.

Yangon would not be a journey without a visit to the Shwedagon pit, Myanmar's monument. The 105-metre long Stupa is entirely clad in solid golden, and the Myanmar believe that Buddha relic is found in the cemetery. Sule Pagode is situated in the center of Yangon, and although it is not as crowded as Shwedagon Pagode, the size and beautifulness of Sule are still fascinating.

The area is also very near other rides such as Maha Bandoola Park, City Hall and Immanuel Baptist Church. Situated 65 metres long, this Buddha is another favourite Yangon resort. Take particular care of Buddha's foot when you visit this pit stop, as there are 108 iconic pieces that depict Buddha's former life before you reach enlightenment.

It is also possible to visit the Ngar Htet Gyi podium opposite to see the Buddha seated. The Swal Taw means "(Buddha's) dental relic", and you can find Lord Buddha's holy teeth in the middle of the Swal Taws. The majority of visitors visit the other sanctuaries more often, so a quieter and more tranquil period awaits you when you visit Swal Taw.

The Kyauk Taw Gyi Tempel was recently constructed in 2002, and the Buddha picture is entirely engraved in pure whitemarble. St. Mary's Cathedral is the biggest Catholic cathedral in Yangon, and its architecture is very impressing. If you visit this chapel, you will want to remain longer to preserve its splendour and size.

It is the only church in the Yangon Native American area. Though the place itself is quite small, the story and architectural style of this temple will make your visit memorable. It is a local favorite and you can have your own portion with one side of your favorite French fry (fried pastry rod, roasted pumpkin, roasted seafood pie, roasted Mandalay Bean, or many other options).

Tip: Ask for additional seafood stock for your Mohinga. The Laphat Thote is also a beloved Myanmar specialty. There is nothing more pleasant than a Kyay-Oh dish (noodle/vermicelli broth with your favourite meats, mostly chickens and pork). Kyay Oh is also available in a dried soupless form for those who don't like soups.

Kayayay-Oh Sichet YKKO is the best-known Yangon-based group. Yangon has the most popular restaurant, a tea shop. The Shan State is a part of Myanmar, and it is known for its inexpensive and tasty cuisine. It' great to begin the outing with a Shan State breakfastbuffet before you tour the town.

Native people are hanging around drinking along Myanmar's 19 st street. It' situated in downtown Chinatown and is full of local people and visitors every single day. It' a good place to sit back with your buddies after long day in Yangon. Bogeyoke Fair, also known as Scott's Fair, is the favourite touristic destination for the purchase of Yangon mementos.

Recently constructed Junction City is on the other side of the Bogyoke store, and a viaduct links these two areas. To learn how Myanmar residents buy their everyday goods, visit the seventeenth street wide open area. The Inya is the biggest in Yangon and is a favourite place for early mornings and evenings running/sport.

If you visit Inya lake later in the evenings or at nights, it is usual for pairs to walk around the lakeside and youngsters to play the music. Irrespective of the amount of hours you visit the port of Botahtaung, he is always occupied with those who move. Here you can get an insight into the lives of a Yangon laborer.

Botahtaung harbor is best visited at sundown to enjoy the stunning views. Botahtaung Pagoda is also only a five minutes walking distance from the port. Lake Kandawgyi is very near the Shwedagon Pagoda, and near the Karaweik Palace (photo above) and Kandawgyi Park, where there is a small animal park and many fine cuisine.

If you want to explore Yangon in the least expensive way, the best way is to take the Yangon Circular Railway and interact with the locals on the trains. Situated near the Sule Pagoda, Maha Bandula is a large complex with a high memorial of autonomy and a spring of fresh outcrops.

The Yangon Gallery is not only a favourite with visitors, but also a turntable where locals can show their work. As this place is directly in People's Place, you can also take a stroll through the garden to have an energetic afternoons. In other South East Asiatic lands there are not as many colonial buildings as in Yangon.

The Yangon Heritage Trust, a grassroots NGO established by Thant Myint-U, grandson of former UN General Assembly Clerk U Thant, provides free walks around the area. Taukkyan War Cemetery is an one-and-a-half hours car ride from downtown Yangon. In any case, the magnificent views you will see at the War Memorial are well deserved.

The old Portuguese chapel is a jewel in Thanlyin, so don't miss to take your cameras with you when you visit it. You will see the antique remains of the temple, which dates back to the seventeenth century. The Yele Kyauk Tan pit is encircled by the waters and you have to sail across by ferry to visit the pit.

The surface of the sea is never high enough to coat the cloak. Even though the dilapidated is so small, it is assumed to offer enough room for every guest coming to the Yele Kyauk Tan Neck Brace. Get your rucksack and make your reservation for Yangon.

It is a lovely town with a lot to see and you will certainly not be dissapointed.

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