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Sights in Myanmar

It is a must for your visit to Myanmar, so I strongly recommend that you visit Lake Inle first. Concretely, you will have the feeling that this place is a land of myths, through the fog that covers the city in the morning. The majority of Western foreign ministries recommend that travel agencies and citizens do not participate in tourist activities in Burma. If you have unconventional thoughts, there is no skipping Myanmar and the spiritual wonders it holds. Myanmar's top travel packages.

Sights in Burma

There' is a unique Rakhine turn in Myanmar's off-the-shelf crop, which involves the pleasure of plenty of flavorful foods and colorful attire. There are no interesting sights in an airportcity that is the entrance to Mrauk U. Sittwe. Rakhine's old capitol was established in the 15th district and stayed its capitol for 355 years.

Mrauk U, the gold town, became known in Europe as the town of the eastern vendor after monk Sebastian Manrique called in. From Sittway, Mrauk U can be reached by a very comfortable 4 hour cruise along the canal. It was hard to get to this area about ten years ago, but now it is quite advanced to visit Mrauk-U.

Yangon has regular departures to Sittway, the capitol of the state of Rakhine. From Sittway to Mrauk-U it takes about 4 hours by ferry on the Kaladan River. Chin are living in the northwestern frontier areas or further southwards in the state of Rakhine. Known for its beautiful landscape and many colourful ethnical strains.

It is located in the east Shan state and is about an hour's fly from Heho and 452 km from Lake Inle and 176 km northern of the frontier city of Tachileik opposite Mae Sab (Thailand). It is 56 leagues from Mong Lar, a city on the coast of China.

Around Kyaing Tong there are many towns of different ethnical groups. You can see their traditional dancing and their way of life in these mountain areas around Kyaing Tong. It is possible to go directly from Heho to Kyaing Tong in 1h. Kyaing Tong is 3 hours from Tachileik, which leads to the Thai-Boarder.

Inle Lake-Kyaing Tong has not yet improved and is off the beaten track. Kyaing Tong can be a good place to visit during the wet seasons. From Yangon or Heho or Mandalay the route can begin and we suggest a 2 to 3 night sojourn.

Travelling involves a trek to the local tribes and therefore you must be in good shape. While an excursion to Kyaing Tong is an adventurous journey, the area is of great interest to those who want to experience a different side of Myanmar. It' the northernmost railroad station, 919 leagues from Yangon and 487 leagues from Mandalay.

The Myit Sone, the junction of Maikha and Maykha streams, is open to all. Ayeyarwady, the most useful stream in Myanmar, rises from this junction and runs 1325 leagues to the muzzle. The Myitkyina can only be accessed from Yangon with Myanmar Airways and takes 2 www.myitkyina 2 hour via Mandalay and the flight is uneven.

You can reach it by rail from Mandalay and it takes 26h. Another city in the state of Kachin, Puta-O is set in snow-covered hills. Suspended footbridges are the most common crossings in this area. This is the closest city to the Khakhaborazi basecamp (5889 meters), the highest peak in Myanmar and Southeast Asia.

The Putao is the departure point for Myanmar's most adventure hiking adventure. Myitkyina is about 30 min by plane and only Myanmar Airways is available. An enchanting place, it is the capitol of Mon State and lies at the Thanlwin River estuary. It is 28 leagues from the ocean and is the third biggest municipality in Myanmar.

Mawlamyine' s guests are fascinated by the natural beauties and the moderate weather. You can make a nice cruise from Pa-An, but not recommendable due to the irregularities of the itinerary. We are 299 km, 10 hour ride and 18 hour by Yangonrain. Some 60 kilometers southwards of Mawlamyine, Thanbyuzayat is the counterpart to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission's operated Riversides.

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