Places to Visit in Mandalay

Sights in Mandalay

Explore popular places in Mandalay. Plan a trip to Mandalay for your unforgettable holiday. A trip to Mandalay will take you back in time. The area has some interesting places and attractions, including the famous U Bein Bridge. Discover the city's most popular cultural attractions near the hotel, including Eindawya Pagoda, Mahamuni Pagoda and Shwe In Bin Monastery.

Attractions in Mandalay

andalay is the second biggest business town in Myanmar. And it' the last of Myanmar's kings. There is a wealth of historic civilization and so many old coupons. So you will definitely have many places to visit in the town. The night life and shops in Mandalay would not be found. Mandalay is the cultural town with many well-known pilgrimages and historic sites.

It is necessary to visit these renowned pagodas like Mahar Myat Muni Pagoda, Kuthodaw Pagoda, Mingun Temple, Tumashi Pagoda and SutaungPyae Pagoda from Mandalay Mountain. Constructed in the typical Myanmar architectural tradition, this was the only preserved Yadana bony era cloister. To learn more about Burma's pristine architectural styles, don't miss the Golden Palace.

A further touristic destination, the U Bein Brigde, is in the township Amarapura. The 1.2-kilometer long viaduct was constructed around 1850. It is over 160 years old. Observing the sunset at the U Bein Break is now very much appreciated by tourists. Also known as the biggest books in the word, the plaques are in the Kuthodaw Pagoda in Mandalay.

Eating is what the mandalas love. Eating can also be one of the attractions for tourists. You will certainly be able to taste Mandalay's local cuisine. Mandalay has many idyllic guesthouses, lodges and inns. To find the cheapest accommodation in Mandalayby, visit the website, depending on your specifics.

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