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Sights in Mae Sot

Attendees cannot leave the Land of Smiles without attending a cooking course. If you want to forget that you are in Asia for a meal, this is the place for you. Mae Sot Tak tourist attractions in Thailand. There are a number of small attractions in the countryside around Mae Sot that might be worth a trip if you have the time and inclination.

Tourist attraction Mae Sot

Mae Sot is a frontier city and a favourite place to visit Myanmar from Thailand, as relaxing limitations have made it possible to continue your journey. The Mae Sot is located about 500 km from Bangkok, about six hour by car. Convenient busses depart on a regular basis from Mochit bus station in Bangkok. Between Bangkok and Mae Sot there are at least ten busses and the departure times can be prebooked on-line.

The Mae Sot also has its own international airports and there are usually three weekly one-hour trips to Bangkok. There are regular minivans for locals to Tak and other places that depart every 30 min from the Burmese market. There is a stop for buses eastwards from the city center along the main highway AH-1, which leads to Burma.

Due to the fact that the terminal is near an internal frontier, it is often congested and there is a policing area. On the other hand, the facility is in operation around the clock, so there are many grocery sellers and passageways to wait in. You can take a tour of the city center with a biker, or if you don't have much baggage, a motorcycle taxicab is another one.

Mae Sot is a frontier city and a gate to Myanmar. Once you have crossed the borders, you can continue your journey to Yangon, Mawlamyine or Hpa-An. Those who do not visit Myanmar should visit the pulsating Myanmar markets in the center of Mae Sot. There is an exceptional mixture of cultures in the food industry and many real Hiltribe produce is offered.

The city has several places to spend the night, with favourable prices due to strong competitors.

Activities in Mae Sot, Thailand

Wattanaram Wat Thai is an extraordinary Mayahana Buddhist sanctuary constructed in the 1850s by members of the Thai Yai Ethnie from Burma - hence the alternative name. An array of whimsical functions combine several breathtaking Buddha pictures to make this great burmesan styled palace that is well worth detour. Learn more about Wat Thai Wattanaram (Wat Thai Yai).

Mae Sot is not well known for its Temple, but Wat Mani Praison is well known for its nice office room in Burma styled together with many strange parts of the city.... Find out more about Wat Mani Praison. Don't miss a few non-profit stores where your shopping helps strengthen communities of immigrants, minorities and displaced people.

Find out more about shops and stores in Mae Sot. There are a number of small places in the landscape around Mae Sot that might be interesting to visit if you have the patience and aptitude. The Tak is a vast county and we have not yet made it to most of these places - the following information has been collected by local Mae Sot and Tak county tourist officers.

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