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Places of tourist interest in Kalaw. Shu Khin Thar, Shan North, Kalaw. Explore the best attractions in Kalaw, including Christ the King Church, Hnee Paya, Market. Located in the heart of Kalaw, this pagoda is gleaming from the outside and is made of thousands of mirrored glass pieces. This is Hnee Paya (Bamboo Buddha picture) Shwe Oo Min Paya.

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Situated to the western side of Inle Lake, Kalaw combines the influence of India's and Nepal's culture. Kalaw's microclimate is much more comfortable than the bake warmth of the drying area, although it can get quite cold in cold winters at nights and early mornings. Among the many homes the British erected in Kalaw at the turn of the twentieth century, some are still in various stages of decline and neglect.

The majority are now staffed by civil servants or army officers, although some are still incredibly quiet, seemingly uninterrupted since their proprietors went 50 or more years ago. A number of privately-owned estates are situated near the Amara Resort if you have a special interest in local settlement histories.

Former Kingswood School is now a army infirmary and the racetrack is heavily vegetated, but church worship still takes place in the Anglican Church and is visited by Shan men trained by US missions. The Kalaw has a significant Nepalese Gurkhas and Indian Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims populations who were taken by the British to Kalaw to construct the railroad.

Your impact can be seen in the city with many locals serving typical Nepali and Indo food with a touch of Burma.

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Aung Ban may not be on every Shan State sight. This is not the case with Nyaung Shwe, with his burgeoning guest house and café scenery, nor does Aung Ban have the Hsipaw or Kalaw seal of approval for hiking. However, every five and a half nights, the city is filled with a fabulous....

Learn more about the Aung Ban markets. Following a fast early breakfast turn around Meiktila (giant teal thing ? aquatic lagoon? sea? noodles? ) it was finally here for a deposit and the trip to Kalaw. My motorbike took me a taxicab for the long trip to the near of the coach terminal, where my motorbike took me to the next mini van in the direction of Kalaw.

Find out more about Meiktila to Kalaw, the picturesque way. Approximately an hours, says our tour leader, navigation expert and escort in the last three day, Aung Myu Htoo. With a careless grin this tim, he blubbers it out as he knows that his gummy timing for our group of seven has become a little wit as we go from Kalaw to the foot of Inle Lake in Shan State, northern Burma....

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